The innovative and robust version by IWC, The IWC Aquatimer is a professional diver watch composed of many technical watch features. The main complication for which this timepeice got popular is the internal safety dive system. This versatile series is inspired by IWC’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality timepieces.

Many variants are launched in this line, some top-models in this line featuring more than 2000 meter of water-resistant and have embedded chronometers. The Perpetual calendar is also featured in the top-models of this watch series. The embedded Bezel date is one of the most versatile and famous features of this timepiece inspired by the models of the 1960s.

If you are looking for a multi-functional sports watch with even more features and technicalities to support different complex level of technicalities, then an IWC Aquatimer is an ideal choice.

Reasons to Buy an Aqautimer

●     Safe-Dive System

The key feature of this timepeice is the internal bezel date based on a safe-dive system that keeps the timepiece strong and precise even when performed multiple-dives. It is the reason the watch can withstand enormous and intense water pressure. The water waves may damage the timepiece and will make inconvenience for the wearer but the safe-dive system is designed to offer a smooth dive experience to the swimmer.

The rotating bezel ring is a watch complexity that is needed by a diver to deal with the decompression and water pressure. These series provide a distinctive rotating bezel also in uni-directional.


●     Exclusive Editions

Many exclusive rare variants were launched in this series featured with advanced watch technicalities. Aquatimer 2000 is a robust and exclusive edition of IWC Aquatimer water-resistant to 2000 meters. The design of this timepiece is inspired by the historical Porsche model tagged as ocean 2000 from 1982.

When IWC started manufacturing timepieces with a titanium-based case which features this much of water-resistant level, it shocked all of the other competitors brand that how it makes it possible to create a fully utilitarian divers watch with innovative features.

●     Precision-Based Movements

All timepieces are featured with advanced mechanical movement-based calibers that features optimal precision. 8902 is one of the top-rate and highly complicated models of the caliber and is in-home manufactured. IWC relies on its own resources and depends on in-home expertise in manufacturing watch tools. This thing gives the IWC timepieces a unique hence robust look.

The 8902 movements we were talking about earlier is featured with 68-hours of long-lasting power reserve. The energy consumption is based on multiple features powered by this caliber including flyback function and perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar is featured with dual digit date and month display.


●     Extreme Water-Resistant:

The Aquatimer provides an extreme water-resistant level up to 2000 meters which is an extremely enhanced water-resistant level ever provided by a luxury timepiece.

As it was originally designed for Navy so it must deal with all the complexities of a featured diver watch.

The timepiece is not only functional and elegant but also provide sturdiness. It can confront harsh environmental situations whether it is on the ground or deep in the water. It is designed to ready to face all the complexities and can survive even in the intense situations, that’s what an Aquatimer provides.


●     Stopwatch Complication:

Embedding advanced complications while maintaining the robust design was a challenge for the brand and that’s what in IWC expert, always accept challenges and provide something better.

One of the challenges was to feature the watch with functional chronometers that feature stopwatch complications.IWC 3290 is a perfect example of brand’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality watches.

Aquatimer is still considered to be a revolutionary timepeice for its advanced level of technicalities. The stopwatch feature is a useful function for a diver to break the driving records. The stopwatch featured in Aquatimer collection is so precise that it stops and starts instantly when a person dives and stops going to the depth. The stopwatch working is based on manual operations.


Aquatimer is worth-buying as it holds its worth. If you are looking to add this timepiece to your inventory, just buy it don’t hesitate as it will feature all of your needs and expectations for a fully utilitarian timepiece.


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