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Jewelry is a great way to show love, fondness, and affection to someone. Customizing or personalizing the gift is the perfect way to incorporate personality and individuality into an elegant piece of jewelry. With customized and personalized jewelry, you can send a special message to your loved one.

What are Customized/Personalized Jewelry pieces?

Customizing jewelry is making changes to a piece of jewelry while still keeping its original design. To customize, you can add gemstones or inscribe special messages on a piece of jewelry.

Pieces of Jewelry that can be customized includes:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Wrist-watches
  • Ear-rings and many more.

How are Customized/Personalized Jewelry made?

Generally, there are two ways you can make custom jewelry.

  • Modify an existing piece of jewelry to make the customization. It may be adding a gemstone to the jewelry piece or inscribing a name or message on the piece of jewelry.
  • Start from scratch to create custom jewelry. You choose a design palette and make the jewelry to fit your specifications.

For the two processes, you need an independent designer or jeweler to help you with modifications and making the jewelry. There are several online designers like LYR Design AS that can help you out with your designs.

Why Customized/Personalized Jewelry pieces?

Personalized jewelry pieces like custom rings, custom necklaces are a great way to show your affection specially and elegantly. They add personality and style to the jewelry piece. It is a great way to show you know about your loved one’s preference and style. With custom jewelry, you can show your appreciation for their personality.

What Can You Customize?


Rings are symbols of love and can be used to show affection and style. From engagement rings to wedding bands to fashion rings to heirloom and class rings, many types of rings are easy to customize. There are several ways to customize rings and some include:

  • Engraving special words on the ring, this may include words of affections or a symbolic message. You can inscribe the words on either the exterior or interior of the ring.
  • Using special gemstone on the ring. The ring might be set with tiny stones around its body or with a massive gemstone. You can use a combination of the two ways. This type of customization is perfect for engagement and wedding bands.
  • You can use your birthstone for symbolism or uncommon unique gemstones like topaz, turquoise, alexandrite, and opal instead of the more common ones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds
  • Use unique metals such as colored titanium or rose gold instead of the common gold and silver rings.

If you are planning to design your ring from scratch, make sure you have all the variables like the wearer’s preferences and finger dimensions.


Necklaces are customized less frequently than rings, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great way to show affection. Here are some ways you can customize necklaces.

  • Using an unusual and symbolic object as a pendant
  • Use a locket with a picture of you, your loved one, or someone special to them as a pendant.
  • Layer contrasting necklaces with textures for a richly textural look


A Wristwatch is a classy and elegant gift to show affection. They hold special meaning and high-quality watches can last for a long period. Here are ways you can customize watches

  • Use a picture of a special one as background inside the watch
  • Engrave a special message inside or around the watch.
  • Set the face of the watch with valuable gemstones or around the chain of the watch.


Most times, the options for customizing a bracelet might be limited. But there are ways you can personalize your bracelet and add a bit of style to it. Below are some ways to do that.

  • Engrave a special message of inspiration or affection around the exterior or interior of the bracelet.
  • Create a charms bracelet by adding symbolic objects.
  • Set valuable diamonds such as diamonds, beryl, ruby, or emerald around the body of the bracelet.


Earrings may be tricky and harder to customize because most times they are a lot smaller than the others. However, it is not impossible. Below are some ways you personalize your earrings

  • Attach small symbolic objects like a charm or pendant to your hoop earring.
  • Use valuable gemstones with precious metals like rose gold to make your earrings

How Much Does It Cost to Customize?

That depends largely on the type of customization you are looking at; it can cost a few dollars to millions of dollars. If you are planning to use valuable gemstones for your customization, it may cost you quite a lot depending on the value of the gem.

Custom jewelry has been around for a long time and there are varieties of options around to choose from. Creating a custom piece of jewelry is not that difficult these days, you can pick from thousands of pre-customized pieces. Online stores like LYR design offer you a wide range of options to pick from.

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