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5 Pitfalls to Avoid While Getting a Car Accident Settlement Loan

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A car accident loan refers to the funding that you, as a plaintiff, take for managing your expenses while you wait for your settlement from the lawsuit. However, as we all know, a lawsuit can linger on for months or even years.

Meanwhile, you will have to bear with your attorney’s fees, medical bills and if you have lost your job due to injuries sustained, then you must be having trouble making ends meet overall.

In such circumstances, car accident loans are helpful so you can manage while you are fighting your lawsuit. However, it is best to beware of some pitfalls that you can encounter when you are getting your car accident loan.

1.    Not Researching on Companies Enough

If you are researching online or asking around in your circle, check for all sorts of information and try to get reviews from others as well. Check the approval process, terms and conditions, policies and other aspects.

2.    Hiring the First Company Your Lawyer Tells You About

Similarly, do not opt for the first company that your lawyer tells you about. It could be that they have some personal benefit in all this. Do your due diligence and research properly!

3.    Taking Loan from a Loan Shark

Loan sharks are involved in dangerous and illegal activities, charge high interest rates and may make you put something valuable as collateral. While desperate times call for desperate measures, do not put yourself in perpetual danger by taking loan from a loan shark.

4.    Blindly Trusting the Loan Settlement Company

As mentioned above, research on companies thoroughly and check what kind of approval process they have. If a company does not ask you ‘too’ many questions and approves your loan instantly, then it could be a cause for concern as well.

While pre-settlement funding companies generally have a quick approval process, a company that does not go into details at all may have some other shady tactics in their mind.

This can be asking you to sign a contract binding you to a high interest rate or asking you to pay back your loan, regardless of the outcome of your lawsuit.

5.    Accepting the First Settlement Offer That You Get

One of the biggest pitfalls that you can find yourself in is, accepting the first settlement offer that you get. You may be tricked into thinking that this is the best you will get, which can be false as well.

If you are getting a car accident loan for yourself, try to fight your lawsuit with your utmost will and demand the best settlement, keeping in account all losses you have suffered.

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