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5 possible Teddy Bridgewater replacements for Vikings

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News broke this afternoon that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a gruesome injury to his left knee. Now they are between a rock and a hard place without their starting quarterback.

Check out five possible replacements the Vikings should consider while Bridgewater is recovering from his injuries.

Geno Smith

It was reported last week that the Jets have been taking some calls on teams interested in the four-year QB. Since the Vikings are now in a desperate situation to find a new QB.  If the Vikings do go for Geno Smith, you are getting someone who is similar to Teddy Bridgewater.

Mark Sanchez

He is another possible to replace Teddy Bridgewater.It was reported that the Denver Broncos are looking to move the former Jets QB. He has mobility and has playoff experience.

Jimmy Clausen

He never signed with a team for the 2016 season, so the Vikings won’t have to give that much up and could sign him for a minimum amount. He had his moments when he was the Panthers and since then has pretty much been a backup QB.

Michael Vick

Another QB who did not sign with a team before the 2016 season.  He can also be signed for a minimum. He would be a logical choice because he has shown he is a proven winner. He has playoff experience and is a proven leader. Those are two huge things that the Vikings need.

TJ Yates

This is a long shot as he is still a project and one that needs time to develop. If the Vikings sign him, then it would be a desperate measure. Where the Vikings stand as being a team that has a lot of potential, they don’t need a QB who is still unproven like TJ Yates is. He had a few good games for the Texans in 2015, but nothing that is special.  

These are some options the Vikings could head to through trades or signing via free agency depending on where the quarterback currently is. Due to how weak the QBs are who have not signed, these are some of the best to offer. 

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