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5 Quick Skin Care Hacks That Will Never Let You Down


March 24, 2017

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By Pauline Simons

Your skin begins to lose its glow as you age. Though skin is the only organ that regenerates itself and every second new cells form deep down in the epidermis, but with age this process too slows down. Can this be taken care of? Why not? There are some quick skin care hacks and every woman should know about these.

Trust me these won’t let you down ever…


This is the best way to rejuvenate your skin. Slough off the dead, dry skin and reveal the brighter side. Its simple and quick.

1. Apply an exfoliant to your skin. Leave it for 5 minutes.

2. Rub it gently with your hands in circular motion and wash it away with clean,warm water.

P.S. pick the right kind of exfoliant for your skin depending on your skin type. For instance, only a creamy exfoliator would do for people with dry skin. It will make skin look fresh and beautiful.

Massage Into Your Face

Massage is now looked at as a therapy. It improves skin clarity and tone. There is no need to go to a salon all the time. Do-it-yourself.

1. Use your fingertips and gently rub it down into your face for a couple of minutes.

2. Begin from your chin and move up towards the cheeks and forhead.

Massaging your face increases blood flow to the skin and will make it look soft and supple. Not just the face, even your body benefits a lot from massaging. It improves sleep, calms depression and anxiety, eases muscle pain besides other benefits. So, if you have time and inclination, get a full body massage – from head-to-toe.

Cleanse Twice

Cleansing twice is important for the skin. When you do it in the morning, you remove the oils built up at night. It is recommended that you use only water in the morning to clean your face. The pH of water is enough to do so. Cleansing your face in the evening should be done with a cleanser depending on your skin type. This removes dirt and the debris that may have been left behind by your makeup products. Still need deep cleaning, use cleansing balm or paste, which also acts as an exfoliant and will leave your skin super clean and smooth.

Use a Serum For Protective Barrier

Skin can sometimes become unpredictable when the seasons change. It gets prone to infections, allergies and hence turns more sensitive. A serum acts as a barrier for the skin and protects it from external damage. Use serum that reduces inflammation and delivers hydration too. Serum penetrates deep into the skin and renews lipids. Good for the aging skin.

Use Antioxidants

Antioxidants help in limiting radicals, which damage the skin cells. It also protects skin from harmful UV rays and helps in:

1. Reducing Inflammation – Antioxidants keep skin inflammation-free. Antioxidants found in pine bark and green tea produce great anti-inflammatory results by improving blood circulation and cell metabolism.

2. Skin firming – Skin firming is another benefit of antioxidants. It reverses the aging process and rejuvenates the skin.

Other than these adopt good eating habits. Treat skin in a gentle way, your skin needs pampering to appear radiant and glowing. Eat healthy diet rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A and C are great antioxidants for the skin. Products like life cell anti ageing cream has it too. All you need to do is take care of your skin and follow the above steps diligently.

Author Bio: Pauline Simons is a health and skincare expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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