Awards are one way to appreciate and value your employees, create sporting achievements & recognizing brilliant members of your community. Even though they are made from many different materials, there’re a lot of reasons why glass awards engraved are the perfect choice among other materials. Glass awards make clear, customizable, and semi-transparent facades for cost-effective and lower-quality materials. On closer inspection— their differences cannot be more pronounced than optical crystal. In this article, we will look at some top reasons why you must select engraved glass awards.

Why Are Glass Awards Better Choice?

The glass awards are much superior to acrylic awards because of the aesthetic and delicate design and value-added when glamour is accounted for. The glass awards aren’t shockproof and are heavier and delightful to your eyes. Often these types of awards are used for distinguishable organizational achievements. The best example is when an employee brought the excellent performer or great improvement of any department.

The glass awards are a bit costly compared to the acrylic awards due to their engraving process and 3D designs. This concept of the glass awards is new and gives a better impression than metal or wood, the current trend for glass awards is increasing. Beware of the glass awards, which are in the market sold as the crystal awards.

  1. Simple Engraving

The glass awards have higher chances for personalization. There are some glass awards that may have the traditional base. It makes them customizable, however where this gets very interesting is when glass itself gets engraved. We have mentioned that the awards are in various distinctive sizes and shapes. It means that the engraved surface will be much larger and flexible than other kinds of award materials out there. Suppose you wish to include any message that is not limited by the word count, glass award can be your way to go.

  1. Customizations

The glass & crystal make use of the thermal-heat procedure to mold & shape the awards. The process allows for various image and shapes customizations that will match your style and vision for your method of appreciation & thanks.

  1. Less Expense and More Prestige

The glass awards have a higher dignified look. However, crystal awards are a bit expensive option and you may have a limited budget. Perhaps you are running the non-profit competition and the company is rewarding small achievements. No matter what, glass is the best alternative to crystal.

Glass does not capture & refract light in the same way as the crystal. However, it carries a similar class and stateliness. Even inexpensive glass awards and trophies will not be very cheap by recipients. Thus, glass does a wonderful job to look costly! Are you looking to give the award, and are afraid to undersell achievement with the cheap trophy? If yes, glass is the best option for you.

  1. Offers Versatility

The crystal glass awards are engraved, etched, sandblasted as well as printed to add various impressive designs. Crystal has a low working temperature, hence it will be easily and quickly shaped in several designs, from simple circles and rectangular shapes to curved 3D shapes. Suppose you want an award quickly, you just have to order the engraved awards & get them delivered right to your home. And lead time for the metal awards is longer.

  1. Carries Positive Message

Any awards or trophies will take a slogan or logo to spread across your message. And glass is the refined material and when done correctly your message will be enhanced by the simple use of the material as support. It’s one way of adding a modern image to your organization. You see why the corporate award is much more than just a simple prize provided at the event. It is a quality gift, which can transmit the values of your organization. It is a wonderful gift that can be kept with time and serve as a permanent reminder for a long time.

To Sum Up

If you want to give away the glass awards and gifts, you will have to personalize the awards. There are 3 methods used and they are laser engraving, sand carving, and mechanical engraving. All these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks and offer a bit different look.


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