As you are reading this writing, I guess you are a footwear lover and always keep yourself updated of the latest sneakers, keds of renowned brands from marketplaces. As you love to have incredible shoes, you must know about StockX, where you can buy branded shoes and several other lifestyle products.

If you are a regular customer or trying to do shopping in StockX, there are some hidden ways by following which you can save several dollars. But often we become so excited about seeing a lovely product in StockX that we forget to implement those tricks and after purchase we regret. For example, there is a sneaker of ‘Nike’ of which lowest bid price is showing as $330 and if somehow you get way to save $30, then the final price became $300. In this way, you can save $30, enough to have a good dine after having a nice sneaker to wear. Cool, isn’t it?

Today, we are going to show some of the tricks that will save your bucks while shopping at StockX marketplace.

  • Discount Codes of StockX

StockX offers a wide range of discount codes for shoppers. But often, if you do not do extensive research you will never get those ‘Saving Codes’. These codes have several types and often they get expired. So before putting codes you have ensure that you are using the latest discount codes. By using codes you can save bucks that will help you buy an extra meal for you.

  • Use of ‘New Lowest Price’ filter

If you visit StockX website, you will find filter options at the top right corner. There is a filter named ‘New Lowest Price’ and do not forget to apply this filter before you purchase. Within this filter StockX actually creates a list of products which are now offering at the lowest price and sellers are ready to sell at this lowest price.

  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs

StockX runs member-only loyalty points and rewards programs. These programs are designed for members only and can be accessed once you create an account. You can redeem your points and use them while purchasing which will save some bucks for you.

  • Check the ‘Drop List’

Every weak StockX publishes drop list. This list is actually is a summary of the popular sneakers and footwears of which price has been dropped a lot. To get the drop list you can check the news section of StockX. Check whether you favorite sneaker has been listed or not. If it is on the list, hurry up! Save more with the discount codes.

  • Special Promotions, Instagram and Twitter

Sometimes StockX runs some special promotions. For example, a promotion could be like if you buy $100+ products, by applying some codes you get the opportunity of entering in some lottery where the winner will be awarded a new pair of expensive sneakers!!

How to know about these promotions? Easy, follow their Instagram and Twitter; you will get all of the latest promotions.

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