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5 Serious Mistakes to Avoid Making As a Soccer Parent

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All parents whose children love soccer would like nothing but the best for their kids. They invest in summer camps and clubs, wanting them to excel, be recognized, and even go on to become professional players in their respective sports, especially in soccer. However, many parents do not know where the thin line between right and wrong is. This article will highlight some of the worst mistakes that soccer parents make while meaning well, but end up ruining their child’s moments.

Being warned or thrown out by a coach and referee during a game

Sidelines drama tops the list for being the worst mistake in judgment. You should never cause so much fracas and trouble during a game that you embarrass your child by being thrown out or receiving a warning. This will greatly demoralize him, and while most kids would like to have their parents there to cheer them on, they will feel apprehensive and defeated every time they see you in the sidelines and rue the moment when the drama will begin.

Your child is upset about the way you conduct yourself with regard to soccer

The main idea about playing soccer for most kids is to have a great time outside school activities. Avoid making mean comments or shooting down their aspirations. This will make the game less interesting for them, and their chances of succeeding are considerably lowered if there is no fun component.

Your child has a high team turnover

While moving your child to more competitive teams to make better use of their skill set is a good idea, keeping on transferring them is not good for them. Be sure that you are moving them to another team for the right reason, not because you have a tiff with the coach or another player’s parents.

Always trying to overrule the coach and referee

If you have signed up your child for a soccer camp like Lionville Soccer and keep on second-guessing the professionals’ decisions, you are not helping your child in any way. They may make mistakes because they are human, but being the one who is always yelling and screaming on the sidelines does not make a good show. The coach volunteered to train the kids, and the referee knows the rules of the game best, so let them do their respective jobs.

You are excessively upset when your child’s team loses

Being too upset and badgering your child in the car and at home does nobody any good. If anything, it predisposes them to quit if they feel responsible for the loss. Instead, hug them, buy them ice cream and discuss how they might do better on the next game during the ride home. This way, you will uplift them, and maybe during the next game, they will win and attribute it to your encouragement.


The best thing you can do for a child who loves soccer is to be present at their game, show positive support, practice with them, and get them the gear they need. Anything else borders across being controlling and unpleasant.

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