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Erosion Control Solutions

Know the Various Types of Erosion Control Solutions

Erosion is caused by many factors from rain, wind, water, and others. Erosion not only happens at mountain sides when there is a natural calamity. The roots of the trees hold on to the soil tightly and therefore when you uproot the trees, there is a high chance that the soil would not have anything to anchor to. Erosion could be controlled if you are careful and take some erosion control solutions which would play a great role in the saving ofthe environment.

There Are Different Concrete Blocks and Geotextiles That Are Available:

Erosion Control Solutions

  • Concrete Blocks: This concrete blocks form an interconnected connection of units and have various thickness and varieties. For example, sometimes the drainage system made my man or embankments suffer through soil erosion. This you cannot stop if you do not use this revetment system. Hardcore concrete blocks and hardened materials that can be used as part of the concrete blocks.
  • MSE Walls: These types of walls are nowadays used in different dams and or other uses. They are called Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls and very soon they would replace the traditional forms of walls that are made of from scratch. Erosion control solutions MSE walls could very easily adapt to a variety of sites without any hassle.
  • Geotextiles: Another erosion control solutions would be geotextiles and they are used to improve the anchoring of soil over roads, embankments, pipelines, and earth-retaining and have an open mesh weave. There are different types of geotextiles available and they depend on various criteria like separation, filtration, reinforcement, and protection. You could contact the various erosion control solutions companies who would be able to provide you with all the materials.
  • Erosion Control Blanket: In this type of solution the upper edges of the blanket of typical sediment and erosion devices as the name suggests is kept grounded. It is usually used on the sloppy regions where there is a chance of water flow and quick solid erosion.
  • French Drain: This is a very useful kind of erosion control solutions. As you know water plays a very important role when it comes to erosion as fast-moving water takes away with it the upper surface of the soil. The French drain is also known as drain tile that channels the surface and the groundwater to the exit points. The amount of water that could be normally absorbed by soil below the tile is taken while the rest travels to the exit point. Thus there is no reason why soil erosion would happen.
  • Soil Nails: Soil nailing is another erosion control solution that provides you with a thorough solution by relative quick installation which involves drilling into the soil. The nails which are drilled create a barrier like that of a retaining wall so that they would stay there and anchor the soil by providing resistance.
  • Riprap: This is a very common and cost-efficient way by which you could stop soil erosion. Rocks and gravel or crushed stones which are interlocked together are used for this method. They are mainly used where is a chance of soil erosion mainly erosion of lake shores and riverbeds. Now another cause of soil erosion is you know dust which is caused due to the wind. Dust is miniature particles of the soil which is so light that it could easily float if ever there is a strong wind.

Thus now you see the different kind of erosion control solutions that you take advantage of if you want to stop soil erosion at your construction site. But you do not forget that planting more and more trees is another way by which you could easily fight it.

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