Long distance relationship – how do you think about it? It is the kind of relationship full of strange feeling that some people will never know.

Do you remember how “patient” and “impatient” you are when you wait for her messages? And do you remember how happy you are talking to her all day on the phone or via Skype? You guys grin from ear to ear whenever you see each other on a video call.

Every time you have the chances to meet in person, both of you believe it’s the biggest happiness that can ever exist in this world. Hugging, kissing, walking hand in hand – anywhere you are together, there becomes a Paris in the rain.

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Then, something changes. When you are still confused about what is happening, things have already become a whole mess. “I think it’s over” – that is what she says. But she hasn’t just recently had this thought, right?

No matter why the relationship is about to end, there are always some signs for you to notice bad things are coming and get ready. If you see more than one of the signs below, you should consider doing something (in case you still want to save your relationship).

She doesn’t text you regularly

Come on, let’s be honest, no one is so busy that can’t send you even one single tiny message. “I’m busy. I’ll text you as soon as I can” – these words don’t even take her 10 seconds to write.

Do you remember how hard she tried to spend her little free time to ask you something like what are you doing, or just to say how much she misses you?

Well, if she hasn’t text you for several days, or she just reply to you with lifeless short messages, it means she doesn’t really want to talk to you. Yes, this is the first sign that you are less important to her now.

If she stops text you as before, she may not feel like talking to you

She doesn’t want to talk about the future

When you guys first start this long distance relationship, you often (or at least sometimes) talk about the bright future where you and she enjoy the sweetness of love and do all the most romantic things together, don’t you?

You may even have described in detail how your wedding will be arranged. There is nothing weird here. Couples like talking about their future, which makes them feel safe in the relationship. And this is also one of the most adorable things you can do together.

And now she tries to avoid mentioning the future where you stay together. If she keeps doing this, does she still really want to have you in her future?

Whenever you talk to her about how amazing it is when you guys become a family, she evades the conversation. This can be worse than you think since there are likely two possibilities here.

The first one is that she doesn’t take this relationship seriously while the other chance is that she has replaced your image in the future with a new guy. Both of these cases are bad, really bad.

She stops talking about the future where you two will be together

She tries to hide this relationship

Again, we look back on the past to realize what has changed here.

On the first days of love, you two just wanted to stand on the top of the world to shout out loud that you belong together and nothing can make you separate. It feels good to declare someone is yours.

Wherever you were, you were willing to tell everyone about each other. Things like how amazing and funny he is, how beautiful and smart she is, wasn’t a something too hard to say. Once you love someone with all your heart, it’s pleased just to say their name.

But let’s see what is happening now! When someone asks her on comments about the relationship between you two, she never says something positive, or sometimes she doesn’t even answer.

She also hides things about you and her likes happy pictures and videos. Those pictures, videos, nicknames may not all about her love for you, but why does she have to hide all those sweet memories of which she once was proud?

She may give you many reasons like she doesn’t want people to talk too much about you two. Sounds reasonable?

This sign is not enough to say that your relationship is over, but you still need to consider the chance that she doesn’t want “someone” there know that she is yours now. If she doesn’t want to belong to you anymore, maybe she wants to belong to someone else.

She does not want people to know about this relationship

She doesn’t care about you are doing

There is one thing that we all agree – when we are deep in love, everything he or she does matters. A day may be full of questions. “What is he doing?”, “where is he now?”, “does he really care about me?” may be what she wonders every day.

Back to the first days, your hair, your smile, the song you sang, the funny stories you told could bring a heart-warming smile to her face. If she is still interested in what you are doing, she still cares about you. Love is not about words; it is about caring.

And now we will take a closer look at her behavior lately. You have recently changed your hair color, does she really care about that? You are telling her a hilarious story about a weird guy you saw on the street today, is she eager to hear it?

Things can be even worse. She doesn’t feel like listening to your singing. She sees your gift not a special thing. She doesn’t even express any sympathy when she knows your nephew is ill.

In short, she doesn’t care about anything about you. She is losing her emotions for you. Your heart may be heartbroken, but this means something is about to end, my friend.


She stops arguing with you

You find this sign a bit weird? This is absolutely understandable. Less arguing must be a good thing, isn’t it? Or is it? We all have to admit that there are always arguments in a relationship. This is unavoidable but not always a bad thing.

First, when she disagrees with you, it means she still cares about what you are saying and doing. These arguments can make you two know each other better. And often after a “fight,” you even love each other more. Sometimes, bad things can be good.

And yet things that seem to be good are actually a sign of terrible things about to happen. When the conversations get more serious, and she says “whatever,” “I don’t care” and block you on social media, chances are she find you so tiring.

Without arguments, she and you can’t figure out what is wrong here and what can be done to get things better. If she refuses to talk to you about what is happening, and you accept this, you two are pushing each other away.

All she just wants to do now is push you away

Wrapping Up

Long distance relationship is beautiful yet hard to keep. There are many things out there can harm your relationship, but people make decision, not situation.Five signs above are there to tell you that you need to take action. If you still love her, do your best to keep her. But if you struggle with this relationship too, letting it end is not a bad idea.

Maybe she doesn’t love you anymore. Maybe she loves someone else. Or maybe you are not born to be together. But one thing we can be sure of is that true love is always out there. You can lose a relationship, but don’t lose faith in life.

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