When we meet people, we tend to judge them by their appearance, which means we also pay a lot of attention to what they are wearing. On the one hand, this shouldn’t be the case and we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, but on the other, it’s completely alright wanting to look as good as possible, and if you want to always have a perfect outfit to feel good, no one should take that away from you. Dressing well can affect our self-esteem very positively, so the right clothing choices are actually quite important. Here are five steps how to always choose what’s best for the day!  

Choosing for the occasion

Before choosing what to wear, think about the occasion and determine what items are the most appropriate. Where are you going, and what are you planning to do? Is it a casual occasion like going to the cinema with your closest friends, or is it something that requires you to be more elegant and sophisticated than usual? If you aren’t really sure, you can always turn to pieces that can be both elegant and casual at the same time, depending on how we combine them. For instance, the jumpsuit is such a piece. 

You don’t really need many items, it’s better to have fewer quality ones that you can wear anytime and anywhere. You can never make a wrong move with a fashionable jumpsuit, which you can match with any kind of shoes, no matter if these are casual flats you can wear every day or something more elegant like the heels you use for business meetings and fancy dinners. Jumpsuits are very versatile and you can switch a look from casual to elegant in a second by just changing the footwear. 

The basics before anything else 

First, we choose the foundation pieces like a simple tee or blouse and jeans or trousers, then we can think about other details. If the occasion is a job interview, you should choose a top that is smart-casual, but nothing too shiny or bright. Also, avoid silly inscriptions that can make you look less serious. The basics are usually the comfiest items and you probably have the most of them in your closet.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair

A lot of people invest in their outfits but forget one key piece, their hair. No matter what you’re wearing, the first things people look at when they see you, are your face and hair. If you have excellent hair, make sure to style it properly, and if you don’t, get it! Find a human hair wigs UK shop, and get yourself a piece that compliments your face. Investing in a quality wig is always a great choice for women who suffer from hair loss. Exceptional hair can take your look to a whole new level and make you stand out of the bunch.

It’s time for the layers!

The minute we have chosen the basics, we can indulge in picking the layers that will highlight the outfit! Layers enrich the outfit and this is one of the most enjoyable steps because here we can be creative. Cardigans, jackets, coats… We love the cooler months of the year because of all this stuff! 

Nothing without the matching shoes 

You should pick shoes after the basics and layers, but before the accessories. Choosing the shoes is also a fun step. You can always match the color of the shoes to the one of your jacket or any outerwear you’re planning for that certain day, but you can also match them with what’s underneath. If you want to, you can check out some shoes trends in 2019 to get some ideas what to get for this fall and winter. Animal print boots are quite trendy, and so are big-toe sandals, fall florals and shoes with feathers as details.

Some embellishment to complete the look!

The last step is completing the look with some cool and nice-looking accessories! This is maybe the most exciting part of the whole outfit-picking process and here you really get to be creative. This icing on the cake can definitely take your outfit to a whole other level! The perfect bag, a scarf with a really cute print and details like a watch, jewelry, sunglasses, maybe a hat – there are so many beautiful items that can enrich the entire appearance and make us even more attractive.   

Now that you have your perfect outfit for the day, it’s time to make some cuteness-overdose selfies! To revise, you chose what’s occasion-appropriate, picked the basics and layers, found the exact shoes that go with the look best and for the final touch, you added accessories that give you the look anyone would want to copy! With all these steps, picking your apparel for every day will be enjoyable and simple for sure.

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