In the gamers’ world, Twitch is undeniably one of the best platforms where a great streak of content on video games is updated. With a base of 2 million+ online stream, this online TV is also popularly known for streaming a pool of music, talk shows, wide range of TV series, talk shows and a lot more. Noticeably, a good chunk of users is able to mint money out of this service. What’s unique about this site is that it does not play any unnecessary iffy stuff making it kid friendly website too.

More and more people are getting engulfed to watch the gaming content from this website. The provision of downloading them is also there. But, wait! Although, you may download video and stream it but one should not be in the illusion of having it forever. As without notice, Twitch happens to remove the content from it’s website after a given scope of time. It solely depends upon the account type one is having. Ergo, if you wish to stash video and keep it, the need of having a handy tool to store in the video even when gets removed from all sort of channels. In this article, you are going to unveil a great method that can download Twitch video speedily.

Part 2: The Best Tool to Download Twitch Videos

To download videos from the king of games website, iTube is the best medium you can look up to. With this amazingly high-paced software, the ease of download twitch videos is reloaded. Chiefly being a downloader, it is crafted to act like a converter and process the execution of all kinds of operation in 3x faster speed. Moreover, users can efficiently extract audio from videos in a speedy manner.

Still uncertain as to why should you have iTube? Here are its key advantages that may enlighten you.

Advantages of iTube HD Video Downloader

  1. 1-Tap Download from 10K+ sites – iTube is designed to go an extra mile. The program is capable of fetching files and downloading the videos in just single tap. To the top of that, the program is compatible to download the file from the famous channels such as YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc in 3X speed.
  2. Download Videos in Private Mode – If you are concerned for your videos not getting misplaced or seen to any third party, then iTube serves to provide you with this feature. Without the intervention of any third-party, download videos in secret mode.
  3. Intake of 4K & Full HD Video – Users can download HD videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites in the high tech formats of 1080p, 720 p as well as the enlarged 4K & Full HD video too.
  4. Ease of transferring files – With iTube, sharing files from one source to another becomes very convenient. It supports direct transfer of the videos to almost all the iPhone, iPod and Android devices speedily.
  5. Supports download from Cloud Storage Media – What’s unique about iTube is its ability of downloading the cloud storage media from the GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive, OpenLoad etc.

How to download Twitch videos with iTube

Apart from converting files in an ultra-lightning speed, iTube HD Video Downloader offers a couple of ways to download videos from Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo or any other website you want to have the input from. This video downloader is capable of downloading videos in three ways. One such way of fetching videos is by copying and pasting URL, the other is by making use of the browser plugin which is made available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Lastly, you can take help of built-in browser to download videos with iTube. Here is the brief guide that will acquaint you with the possible methods and its functionalities.

Way 1: Fetching video by URL

In this case, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a video or a couple of videos to the program and get the output in a herculean speed and download.

Way 2: Downloading videos by using the Extension

Firstly, enable the extension service of iTube HD Video Downloader over your working web browser. Tap on the “Download” button and iTube will fire up the download process right away. And then, you can get the output easily.

Way 3: Extract audio file from Twitch

With the help of the “Online” tab, surf the video sharing website of your choice and download the desired video from there.

To understand the in-depth manner to download the twitch videos from iTube, you can easily get it on its website to check it out.

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