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5 Tips to Improve the Outcome of Your Divorce


February 24, 2020

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One of the most difficult situations that a lot of people face during their lives is a divorce. In addition to all the sadness and negative feelings about having to separate from your significant other, you get thrown into situations like having to fight for custody or splitting your property and the money you have. It all can be stressful, but here are some tips on how to try and make it go as smoothly as possible.

Things to know before starting the divorce process

The first step once you have decided to get a divorce is gathering all the information and papers about the divorce procedure in your country. You will probably need data about the sources of income in the last year, papers for your tax returns, and net worth, mortgage statements, and house ownership papers, as well as marital debts, and any other joint ownership statement, like cars, apartments, summer houses, or anything else. Aside from those technicalities, you should find the place you are going to stay if you are the one moving from the family house. This way, you will lessen the stress, and you will have a safe place.

Finding a good lawyer

Finding a good lawyer is one of the most important steps because he is the one who will take some burden off of your shoulders and help you settle things as fast as possible so that you can move on with your life. When choosing a lawyer, make sure they have experience in family law since they will usually have a different approach.  You can also ask for someone to reference experienced family lawyers in Sydney or any other city you need if you like hearing experiences from other people. Some other details that are important are that the lawyer is not too emotional because this can interfere with his job, especially during divorces, which are a sensitive matter. After all, when choosing a lawyer, interview them, and if you don’t feel comfortable, simply don’t go for it. Make sure to make a list of questions you want to ask them. This will help you see what his approach is, and it will also clear any doubt about the process.

Understand marital property division

We all know that marital property is normally divided between spouses. However, there are many details we are not aware of, which will ensure you get a fair share of everything that is yours. The first step is listing all the property that you have, so the lawyers know which ones will be divided and which ones will not. Be sure not to hide anything, as that creates even bigger problems, and often leads to anger and resentment. Your lawyer will explain what is personal and what is marital property because it is not always the case that you get a 50/50 offer. Whatever the outcome may be, the best tip with this step is to be honest and play with open cards.

Learn about finance

A life in two is normally a lot easier in many aspects, including financial. Once you get divorced, you have to learn about finance, and how to balance your income and live with just your salary. Firstly, set a budget, which should help you understand what cost cuts you can make. Try living by it for a few months to see how it works. If you need help during the transition period, you can always hire a financial advisor. Once you do bounce back a bit after the divorce, make sure you open up a savings account as a safety net. You can also use all of these tips even before the divorce since this is something that is going to cost you a lot of money. And the easiest yet the most important advice is to live within your means and adapt your lifestyle to the new situation.

Control your emotions

Emotions will play a big part in the whole divorce process. But if you want a clean divorce, you have to learn how to deal with all the negative feelings. First of all, don’t let everything turn into blaming each other and calling each other names. It is normal to feel anger and humiliation, as well as disappointment, but the only way everything will go well is if you stay honest and kind to each other. Also, don’t turn everything into revenge, including marital property division, because it will only make things messier.

Divorces are not a pleasant situation, but it is up to you both to make it as painless as possible and improve the outcome of it. Preparing in advance, getting a good lawyer, and staying honest are the best tips you can follow.

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