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Even if it was just for a brief moment, most of us have experienced thoughts such as “I’m not pretty enough to wear that dress” or “I could never pull that bold look off”, and it’s finally time to put an end to those thoughts. You should never ignore your wishes because you don’t feel like you’re worth the effort – you are worth it. And even though true confidence is something that takes time and patience to develop, that doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something today in order to get closer to your most confident self that can wear whatever she wants.

Flaunt your figure

While we all have certain parts of our body we’d like to change, at the same time we also have those features we absolutely love. Whether it’s your broad shoulders, a small waist or gorgeous model legs, don’t be afraid to flaunt those body parts you feel happy and confident about. If you dress according to your assets, you will slowly gain more and more confidence to proudly showcase other parts of your body as well, making you feel much happier and more comfortable in your skin, and allowing you to wear whatever you want.

Realize what you love

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Even though we don’t realize it, we are often influenced by celebrities, social media and our surroundings, which leads to us getting caught up in trends and only wearing what we think we are supposed to. But have you ever thought about what you actually love and enjoy wearing? The key to finding your inner confidence is to only wear those items that truly make your heart jump with joy. Whether you enjoy wearing head-to-toe neutral outfits or you love trying to mix and match clothes into quirky combinations, always wear what truly makes you feel your best.

Dress for yourself

The most important thing you need to realize is that the only opinion that matters is your own. You should dress for yourself, not for other people, and you should never let someone else define you. You like dressing in bright colors and loud prints? You love oversized clothing? Wear it! You’d rather choose feminine marble watches instead of their classic counterparts? Do it! When you realize that dressing for yourself is the ultimate goal, you’ll finally feel relieved of any social pressure, because you’ll no longer need to please anyone but yourself.

Build your confidence

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Have you ever put on an outfit, and then decided not to wear it because you were too afraid of the reactions and dirty looks you might get? Yeah, most of us have been there. But here’s the thing: you need be brave, ignore the glimpses, and keep your head up high. The more you act like this, the more confident you will actually become, as you’ll realize that people usually don’t stare. And even if they do, more often than not they’re thinking about their own lives and problems, instead of dissecting your entire outfit. So, don’t get discouraged by stares and glances – embrace them, stand tall and walk proudly.

Don’t try to please

The harsh truth is that sometimes we are indeed judged by the way we look. But the thing is, you can never please everyone with your sense of style. Some people love flats, others prefer heels. Some enjoy wearing dresses, others would rather stay in jeans. Many people will find your personal style to be incredible, while others will absolutely hate it, and all of that is okay. Because remember, you don’t live by other people’s opinions; you dress only for yourself.

At the end of the day, the only thing you need to realize is this: life is too short not to be your true self. So, don’t be afraid to wear whatever the hell you want.

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