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Are you looking for some luxury decor items to make your place look more lavish and attractive? If yes, then you might already know about their immense varieties available in the market. And whenever we have to choose from so many options, there are full chances of chaos. To help you, here are our top five luxury home decor ideas for a posh impression: 

#1 Baguette Napkin Ring

This beautiful Baguette Napkin Ring perfectly marries the interior of your modern home. It will glitter on your table and will generate great vibes in your place. This ring is available in two marvelous royal colors that are gold and platinum. You might be thinking that this Baguette Napkin Ring would be very costly and out of your budget. But you’ll be surprised to know about the price of this amazing decor. Although the cost varies from seller to seller and brand to brand, the approximate value you can get from this decor is $199-$220. 

#2 Pearl Napkin Ring

This is another excellent luxury home decor, which is also a good alternative for our first suggestion. If you don’t like the Baguette Napkin Ring for whatsoever reason and want to go for something different, then this pearl napkin ring is perfect for you. Although its features are much similar to the first one, there are a few more peculiarities that you will get with this luxury homeware. The pearls crafted in this fabulous napkin ring make it more attractive and eye-catching. 

Whether you place it in your hall or your guest’s bedroom, this decor never fails to make a superb impression on the spectator. This pearl napkin is available in two striking shades, that is platinum and gold. The gold-colored pearl napkin ring is very popular these days. Talking about the cost, most online sellers price it between $150-$200, which is a very reasonable price. 

#3 Bedazzled Log Trio

This beautiful home accessory is outstanding at doing its job. And obviously, its job is to make your place look more stunning. Whether you are looking for a luxurious decoration for your hotel rooms or one that can deliberately mix with your luxury home interior themes, this Bedazzled Log Trio is ideal for both. 

As the name says, this decor is designed with three wooden logs with gorgeous Swarovski crystals embedded into them. The color choice you will get is exceptional and unique. This luxury home decor is available in three peerless shades: black, white, and gold. Don’t worry; the price is the same for all three of them. You will get this Bedazzled Log Trio for $200-$250 from a reputable online store like Crystamas. 

#4 Gold Antler

Antlers are one of the most popular luxury home accessories whose trend never gets old. But with time, taste, and choices of people change. This is why we think that now it’s time for you to replace your old taste of simple and classic antlers with something more regal and striking. And for that purpose, nothing is better than a gold antler. No matter where you hang it, in your drawing room or bedroom, this luxury home decor completely changes the room’s vibes. It’s plated with gold and embedded with the diamond-cut Swarovski crystals. Since this luxury homeware is made from gold, this affects its price too. Most sellers provide this decoder for $145-$150. 

#5 Grand Teddy Gold

Decorate your home with this unique grand teddy gold bear. You will notice a surprising expression on your guests’ faces after seeing this decor at your house. And most importantly, it is so hard to get your eyes off this cute teddy bear. 

We can understand that it’s tough to see this cutie-pie’s real beauty from the internet images. But believe us, this grand teddy gold is much more attractive and eye-catch in real life. Besides being a very prepossessing luxury home decor, this can also serve as the best luxury Gift. Gift your mother, girlfriend, or that most important woman in your life, this grand teddy bear, and we are sure they will love it. With beaming 5 carats in the eyes, this bear is covered in handset Swarovski diamond cut Chatons. Now the most important question is: what is the cost of buying this Grand Teddy Gold? This luxury home decor costs about $1,360.00. 

Final Words

So, these are the top five luxury home decor ideas that will make your house more attractive under a decent budget. If you like this collection, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have a nice day ahead. 🙂

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