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Best Italian Cookie
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A Guide To The Best Italian Cookie, Pastry And Dessert

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You just love eating or curious to know what all it has inside? Because when you walked into a lavish and amazingly beautiful Italian bakery, you will be confronted with dozens of cookies and pastries all around that can no doubt blow your mind away. These best Italian cookies collection that is never-ending, any person can get dazed and confused about what to have and what to leave. In this blog, we have written about the best Italian cookies, pastries and desserts to help you tap on the right one. About all the different varieties to all the fantastic ingredients they put in, we will try to cover everything so that you can simply keep the blog handy for your convenience.

  1. Pignolata: One having a love for major sweet and honey, they can be the ultimate lover of this puff pastry cookies. The Pignolata cookies are the one dipped in honey and then fried and are amazingly sweet and gooey. The name it has is something that resembles a big nut in the middle of the cookie. When the baker uses the top-grade honey for this cookie, he receives the top-grade results. 
  2. Taralli: The designs in which these are created are something that appeals to the one having a sweet tooth. Prepared in sweet and savoury taste, depending on the ingredients it includes these ring cookies are compared to bagels. The ingredients they might consist of is black pepper, fennel, lemon glaze, and sprinkles. Wondering where to sell the most? Being a popular snack in Southern Italy, they are proudly used as bar munchies for customers out there.
  3. Biscotti: Invented in the 1850s in Parto, these Italian biscotti cookies were instantly amazingly popular at international fairs in Florence, Paris and London. These Biscotto are also known as Cantucci, and are baked efficiently in the modern oven without asking for the two backgrounds. Having these mouth-watering biscotti with a perfect cup of cappuccino is something to best pair with. Do you agree? If not, then why not try it.
  4. Tartufo: A truffle with a scoop full of ice cream is a dessert from Calabria. These Italian chocolate cookies are always topped up with cherries, nuts or even choco-chips. The reports by Tre Scalini in Rome states that this amazing dessert Tartufo was originated in 1946, and its recipe includes thirteen different varieties of Swiss chocolate. Do not believe what you just read? So, why not give you it a try this time? Beautifully and amazingly garnished with a mint sprig and many other sweet and sour items, these ones make a perfect one for any sweet lover. 
  5. Amaretti: Are you a dry fruit or a nut lover? Then this can surely suit your taste. These crispy cookies are made up of ground almonds and almond paste, giving the best moment to the almond lovers. Please do not confuse it with amaretto, the almond-flavoured liqueur that is something not used in its preparation. This originated in Venice during the period of the Renaissance. The name has meant something that offers a bit of a bitter taste, and is made up of sugar and egg whites. Depending on where they are being prepared and what ingredients it’s made up of, it can be chewy or crunchy. Have you tried this yet?
  6. Butter Cookies: Don’t you think these are found in many other countries as well? But again, these cookies play a very important part of all the Italian bakeries. Made and mixed up with butter, sugar and flour, these butter cookies are the forever love for both the residents and visitors visiting the country. Are you planning to bake it at home? That is not a problem. Just make sure that you use both butter and shortening for a cookie that crumbles but doesn’t make it too dry. 

Had fun reading it? Even if not, we assure you that having these great lots of desserts can surely make you happy. Don’t you think for that to happen, you need this to be handy with you. So, why not keep it and experience having the best italian cookies, pastries and desserts in Italy. 

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