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6 Amazing Techniques To Use Kindle For Business Purposes

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Mobiles and such gadgets have become a constant part of our daily lives, and it only makes sense at slowly all our needs are being fulfilled by them. Such is the case with books. It seems like a few years ago kindles were introduced to the world, as an incredible and life-changing replacement for hardcover books. The Kindle was introduced, originally, almost a decade ago, as a reader of e-books. In a few years’ time, Amazon launched its Android-based tablet computer Kindle Fire that was well equipped to compete with Apple’s iPad. It contains more features, like the ability to stream movies.

We have to admit, no matter how much we love turning the pages of a book in our hand, some of the features of a Kindle are more practical. For instance, you do not have to carry all of your book collection from place to place, and it can all be stored in one slim device. If you are not sure about how to buy a kindle, you can read here for instructions. Having a mobile or a laptop can enable you to read stuff online or on a screen, but it is not made for that. A kindle’s specific purpose is to make our reading experience better. It is well equipped for any kind of challenge that a reader may face. So when a kindle can be of so much use to an average reader, you can only imagine the purposes it can serve in corporate usage. The Amazon Kindle is actually designed for consumers that have a greater love for books. However, a Kindle is not just that but so much more. It has multiple features that can prove to be very useful for business and corporate users. Many of the worries can be solved if people knew how to use Kindle for business purposes. Not to worry though, we will shed light on some of these techniques, and you can see them for yourself.

#1. Keep Your Eyes On The Road

A Kindle can read to you whenever you want. People in the corporate arena know how busy it can get sometimes. You do not even need to be working in an office to understand the importance of time. Are you running late for a class or a meeting but need to catch up on your notes? Kindle will read to you while you drive! There are many applications that serve this purpose, and you can download those in kindle too.

#2. Less Space Than Books

Who wants to carry an oversized and heavy briefcase around, filled with folders and files that will take time for you to find? It would be unfair to put yourself in such an inconvenience when you can just take all of your documents in your Kindle. If you need to find some file in a short notice, you will not have to find it in a pile of papers, and you can just find it with a few taps.


#3. Corporate Learning

A kindle provides a great initiative for corporate and business users to learn and use it as a corporate learning tool. You can add your digital learning content to the Kindle. This gives you the flexibility to study the materials whenever you want and wherever they are. For example, there have been initiatives where Microsoft had given out a promotion where people purchasing a Microsoft certification exam from any Microsoft learning partner would then receive a Kindle. This kindle would then further have course content pre-installed into it. The types of courses that were available included managing desktop deployments and administering Microsoft SharePoint. You would also be able to download any e-books, from the Kindle store, that are based on some learning and professional development topics.

#4. Feasibility

Business users need the functionality of reading e-books; it is a normal part of their job routine. They would very much want to consider any version of the Kindle that is specially designed as an e-reader. A smartphone cannot do what a kindle will be able to do. For example, the Kindle Touch is very useful. However, some people may have more demands and need more functionality, such as being able to access the business applications in the Android Marketplace. Those users would be happier with the Kindle Fire tablet.


#5. Reading Guru

People who are related to fields that demand extensive reading would find Kindle to be helpful. Let us take the examples of lawyers. The Kindle consists of several useful features. For example, lawyers can now have no trouble in uploading their legal documents on the device. By this, they will be saving themselves an unnecessary hassle of carrying a ton of paper documents in a bag or briefcase. Lawyers will also find it easy to read their depositions on a Kindle. They can make their notes on the screen as required. They can upload their manuals, related to law, and other law firm policies onto their Kindles. These documents can be shown as read-only format that will save the user on printing costs.

#6. Hassle-Free Use

There are always authors of books that are interested in offering new research or business advice. Publishing is not a cup of tea, but with kindle, it can be. They can publish an e-book to Kindle users with the help of Amazon, and their book will get published in no time. In the traditional publishing format, an author has to submit a printed book to the publisher, and that is not all. It could be months before the author’s book is being sold. With the help of Kindle Direct Publishing, Authors can self-publish their books. They can make their e-books available within days in the Kindle store.

Hopefully, the above article will help you recognize all the benefits a Kindle has to offer for business purposes. You will find that your daily tasks would become smoother and easier with the Kindle taking the burden of your readings.

Author Bio:

Jamie Kates is a student of Information Technology. She has a great passion for e-books and other technological devices that improve her reading capacity and brain power. She is also a passionate writer in her field related to software, e-readers, and other gadgets. Check her blogs at https://buykindlemalaysia.com.

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