It’s the holiday season – a time to plan for a vacation. However, since most people are planning to travel at this time, it can be very expensive. It’s not just the ticket that you have to worry about but the accommodation too. The good news is that you don’t have to pay the price that the hotels are asking. Wondering how this is possible? Promo codes!

Yes, promo codes. They are not just a saving option to use in the supermarket and the departmental stores. You can also use them to get a discount off your hotel bill.

If you are aggressive enough, you may enjoy up to 50% off. Here are tips you can leverage:

  1. Sign Up for Hotel Newsletters

This is a very simple strategy. You just need to visit the websites of the hotels that you like and sign up for their newsletters. Whenever there is a discount deal, you’ll get the promo code notification in your inbox. So, you can sign up for as many newsletters as possible so that you can compare the promo codes that they attach in the emails.

  1. Set Up Discount Alerts

Sites such as are amazing places to visit when looking for discounts on hotel bookings. They allow you to customize your promo code alerts so that you can get a quick notification when discount deals are on offer. The good news is that the sites have mobile apps that you can use to customize your discount alerts.

  1. Exploit Google

Google allows you to find the best discount deals for hotel bookings around the world. You just need to enter your travel destination and customize your search so that you can only get relevant search results. You can also look for last-minute deals so as to find the promo code with the most considerable discount.

  1. Capitalize on Reward Promo Codes

All major hotels have reward programs for their most loyal customers. They offer you a promo code that you can use to pay for a hotel booking. With such promo codes, you can enjoy a free extra night or pay just half price. The advantage is that the reward promo codes also apply to other hotels within the same chain.

  1. Use Airbnb

Airbnb gives you a promo code upon registration. The code allows you to enjoy a travel credit of up to $75. This can be used to reduce your hotel booking cost significantly. You just need to use a business email when signing up. While at it, ensure that you select business as your nature of travel.

  1. Take Advantage of the Sign in Promo Code

Many hotels offer you an exclusive promo code when you register as a new member. The promo code can help you save big on the hotel booking. If you do this with several hotels in different travel destinations, you’ll enjoy the saving.

The Wrap

This holiday season, you have a reason to start dreaming of the vacation that you have always wanted to take. Even if you don’t have the money to make a hotel booking, there is the option of using promo codes. Apply the above tricks and you’ll be able to enjoy a significant discount off your hotel bill.

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