Owning a car means mobility, convenience, and social status. But from the moment a brand new car hits the road, it’s pounded by the elements. Heat, UV rays, cold, rain, snow, wind, dust, dirt, grime, and mud. That’s further compounded by the scratches, cracks and dents caused by cars, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians and flying stones.

The result of this constant pummeling is your car’s glow steadily diminishes. After several years of use, your car may be a far cry from its original state. It doesn’t have to be or remain that way. Here’s a look at some practical hacks that could make your car glow again.

1.    Use a Magic Eraser on the Vinyl

A magic eraser comes handy when cleaning around the house so it’s perhaps not surprising it can do a lot for your car’s vinyl too. It’s especially effective at getting rid of the scuff marks around your car doors.

The magic eraser can be used on leather interiors too but only as long as they are not thin, worn-out or dyed. Avoid using the eraser on paint finishes or clear coats. In short, this hack is strictly for car interior use only.

2.    Use a Toothbrush to Eliminate Hard to Reach Grime and Dirt

This could be the easiest hack to start on. A car’s interior has plenty of seams and gaps where dirt and grime may be trapped. In these tight areas, it could become difficult to get rid of the dirt by conventional means. A toothbrush would make that pretty simple.

The cost? A $1 toothbrush is more than enough. Just regularly dedicate an hour or so for the work every so often. Gently brush away the vehicle’s dirt and you’ll be good to go.

3.    Use Vaseline or Olive Oil to Condition the Dashboard

Vaseline or olive oil can be excellent dashboard conditioners and give it that nice sparkling shine. It’s quick, inexpensive, effective and time-saving. Ensure the dashboard is dry before you begin work.

Apply a small amount of Vaseline to a clean cloth or olive oil to a paper towel, then rub it in. Wipe away the leftover petroleum jelly or olive oil. Whenever you notice dust accumulate on the dashboard, use a cloth to give it a nice clean wipe and restore its shine.

4.    Polishing

Car polish is meant to smooth out imperfections and scratches on the vehicle’s paintwork. It may use chemicals to realize the right smoothness or leverage a slightly abrasive characteristic that removes a tiny layer of the paint.

Polishing can be done by hand or by electrical machine. If you are doing it by hand, apply a little polish to a cloth or pad and dab the area you intend to polish while spreading it around. Do a small section at a time just to be sure you are getting it right. Give it time to cure if need be before buffing off the residue.

Machine polishing is quicker and better. It’s however also messier so you have to cover areas you don’t intend to work on.

5.    Wax the Car

Waxing your car can go a long way in keeping it clean and shiny. You can do the waxing yourself or contract a professional. Doing it yourself is cheaper but may not deliver a long-lasting, high-quality finish. You may have to do it several times a year.

Getting the waxing done by a professional will mean a high-quality sheen that lasts for months. Waxing also makes the car easier to clean while preventing dirt and dust from gaining a foothold.

6.    Apply Ceramic Coating

Broadly speaking, the ceramic coating has the same objective as waxing. Except that ceramic coating lasts much longer and has far greater hydrophobic properties. It’s a transparent coat applied to the car’s paint surface and seals the pores where dirt, dust, heat, and water would lock-in and accelerate the deterioration of the vehicle’s visual appeal.

The ceramic coating utilizes nanotechnology to create an ‘outer skin’ on the car paint that protects the underlying surface from damage. For a more detailed explanation, check this guide: https://carpro.global/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-ceramic-coating/

7.    Clean Windows with Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can be used for almost anything and now you know car care is another entry on that lengthy list. Use the wipes to have clean and streak-free windows without having to do too much work.

The secret lies in the alcohol the wipes are soaked in. It does a better job than plain water without leaving the water spots. Have a pack in your car’s glove compartment for quick retrieval as required.

 Apply these car care tips and your car could maintain its glow for years.

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