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7 Secret Sex Moves to Surprise Your Woman in Bed

Finding out about woman needs in bed is a challenge for many men. There are many things that the woman needs from her partner when she is in bed with you. The sex life of the couple can comfortably get spice up if they go for certain things in the bed. To make it easy for you all, here are the top 7 ways by which you can surprise your woman in bed and make her reach climax in a wild way.

7 ways to surprise your woman

  1. Excite her with your hand movements 

The very first thing to bring an excitement level in her body is by your hands. They are the most sensual weapon that you have with you. You can carcass her body, slip your hands inside her clothes and gently press your hand in different parts of the body. It will make her go crazy and will arouse her as well. But while doing these movements, you need to be gentle and slow to give her a feel of excitement. With all these hand movements, you all can go for the sexual things in here and can excite her to the peak level as well.

  1. Undress her

Every woman wants their man to undress them when they are in a romantic mood. The act may look simple, but it has got the most powerful effect on your sex life. When you are going for the undress session, you all can go for two ways. They are aggressively, and the second one is gentle.

In the case of aggressive undress, it makes her go crazy as you are exploring her body and undressing at the same time. But in case of gentle removal of dress, you can go for the intensity of romance. You need to hold her up, unzip her clothes and to kiss her body and to explore it. Here all is about love and tenderness.

  1. Use a vibrator on her clitoris

The next thing is going between her leg, which takes her to the next level. The clitoris is the most sensitive body part, and it needs to be given attention in the right way. Many men use their fingers to make it wet and bring excitement in it. But you can do it better by going for the vibrator on her. It is the best sex toys for all woman and girls, and you can make them scream with pleasure with that.

  1. Go for Magic Wand toy

The next thing that you all can go and purchase from the store is the Magic Wand. It is the next level sex toys for you all, which make her excitement level double. The reason for such a response is that the toy provides two things at the same time. It goes for stimulation of clitoral along with the vibrating dildo on it. For all these things, it brings an effect on both inside as well as outside of clitoris and gives a load of sensations to a woman.

  1. Try Bondage and blindfold game

If you want to take the game to the next level, then you must go for bondage and blindfold games. But the game must be played with caution. Majority of the woman fantasize about such game and make themselves surrender to the game. It brings an excellent surprise to the mood, and the opposite partner makes all moves by keeping her guessing. It is the best way to go for the naughty things in your bed with your partner and giving a surprise to her.

  1. Go for romantic movements

The next thing that you all can go for is to create some romantic movements in between the action. The woman always wants the right moment with their man, and you can go for it at any time. It brings an excellent effect on your sex life and makes her more aroused as well. You can do it by kissing her forehead while caressing her body, looking at her eye while moving your hand over her breasts and many more. It is the best way to go for romantic movements.

  1. Pay attention to her inner thighs

One of the most sensitive areas of every woman is the inner thigh. When you press it or kiss it, they go crazy with such touches. When you are trying to make things more exciting, then you must try these things on her. It will have a good effect on your sex life and make your woman surprise if you go for a sudden move for that part.

Final words

So, here are the top 7 ways which will make your woman go crazy on the bed. If you are searching to go for spice up sex life, then do try these foreplay methods before having sex with her. It will make her go crazy and will give an excellent sensation to her to reach her climax as well.



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