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No Space? No Problem: 5 Tips to Create Storage Space in A Small House

One of the biggest trends nowadays is the Small House. They’re tiny and out of the ordinary, but also look incredibly cool on their own right. They’re also quite affordable because of their size. Don’t get it wrong, though. Although these houses are small, the living space inside is large and comfortable.

Even if you have a lot of stuff, you can still find it relatively comfy when you’re chilling inside of a small house. Don’t believe us? Here are some ways to create storage spaces inside a small home. Remember, you can also use these tips when creating storage for larger houses or rooms.

Shelves on Walls

Installing shelves on your walls can create valuable storage space that won’t hamper your movement while you’re inside a room. Using these shelves inside a collector’s room can be good toy storage ideas.

A visitor can just gaze up and look at the awesome toys on the shelves. Aside from toys, you can also use these shelves for putting books or even placing decorative plants for a greener and fresher look.

Bunk Beds

When it comes to small spaces, you need to utilize the horizontal space available to you. Bunk beds are perfect examples of how you can conserve space without compromising comfort. Bunk beds are also best for kids who want to have fun going up and down their beds.  Almost everyone had their fun going up and down bunks as children, and your own kids are no different.

Kids tend to have a lot of stuff lying around, and you can store those under their bunk beds with this hack. One of the best bunk bed ideas to deal with this is to create small drawers beneath the beds. These drawers can act as storage spaces for clothing and other stuff such as toys. You can also add rails on the top and bottom bunks for extra safety.


Ottomans are another excellent example of conserving space and providing comfort. These are round or sometimes rectangular seats that have storage spaces underneath them. These small chairs can be very stylish and comfortable. Using ottomans for seats inside your bedroom and other bedrooms is a smart way to have that extra storage space.

Tall Dressers

Again, using horizontal spaces to your advantage works wonders when you’re living in a small house. Instead of installing several short dressers, you can combine a cabinet and a dresser. Taller ones or even armoires are some good dresser alternatives that allow you to store more clothing. In taller cabinets, you can even place shoes beneath.

The Stairs

One of the best places to look for extra space inside a small duplex is the stairs. It may not seem like it, but your stairs have a lot of space underneath it. In fact, Harry Potter, yes, the same guy who goes to Hogwarts, even had a room underneath his relative’s staircase.

Although living underneath your stairs is less desirable, you can instead use it as a storage space for your rugs and carpets. Cleaning items such as brooms, dustpans, and even vacuum cleaners can clog your cabinets. Placing them underneath your stairs together makes it easier to clean up and find them afterward.


People who think that small houses are uncomfortable are in for a surprise. Living inside one is comfortable despite its looks on the outside. Don’t let it fool you, the insides of a small house is quite big, given that people know how to utilize their limited space. From using ottomans and bunk beds, there are tons of ideas on how to increase space inside a small area.



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