Best Personalized Yoga Mats

In yoga, it is essential to have the right requirements to concentrate on your exercises. And here, the primary need is a Yoga mat. A yoga mat provides grip and cushioning during your positions.If you are looking to buy personalized yoga mats, then here are some tips that can help you choose a good one:

#1 Price

Various brands offer different types of yoga mats, and obviously, the price differs, too. Many people simply choose cheap yoga mats, thinking that they saved money. Cheap rugs are often made from low-quality materials and therefore do not provide the needed comfort. You should always buy high-quality custom yoga mats, as investing money in something long-lasting is always a good deal. 

#2 Slip Resistance

Anyone who has ever tried yoga knows the importance of the slip resistance for the correct execution of postures. Slightly harder custom yoga mats made of rubber are usually perfect in terms of slip resistance. Note that the ground and your weight also play a role. That’s why if possible, try the mat in the store before buying it.

#3 Good Cushioning And Density

Active and dynamic yoga poses use your joints and lower body. So if you want to do them comfortably, a good cushioning of the yoga mat is particularly essential. Remember that the denser the mat, the more cushioning it offers. 

#4 The Right Length And Width

Your yoga mat is the right length if you can lie on it with your head and feet stretched out. If you are visiting a store, then check it yourself. If the mat fulfills the requirements, then you can think of purchasing it. 

#5 Material

The list of materials for yoga mats ranges from PVC, natural rubber, organic cotton, flax, natural latex to virgin wool, and recycled fibers. Anyone who searches the Internet before buying a yoga mat may find some more materials. But before choosing any material, it is essential to check if it’s appropriate for you or not.

Many materials are not suitable for your health, and you don’t even know about them. So, you should first research well about all the commonly used mat materials’ and find the one that is safer to use. 

#6 Customizing Options 

Go for the one that offers you different customizing options. Like you can print your photo or any other picture that you like. Plus, many personalized yoga mat manufacturers offer you to choose the design and style of your choice. You can also ask for a customized text. 

#7 Plastic Mats

Many tests are done, and almost everyone has rated a plastic yoga mat personalized with modern foamed thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as “very good.” So there is no doubt that plastic, PVC, or polyester made yoga mats are safe to use. Add this to your checklist.  

#8 Mats Made From Natural Materials

The advantage of natural materials such as rubber or flax lies in their biodegradability. They are not based on crude oil like many of the plastic yoga mats. When buying a natural material mat, however, pay attention to the design certificate. It ensures the highest level of fair, ecological, and sustainable production for yoga mats. So, check for that certificate before making any deal.  

Final Words

These were the top seven tips that will help you choose the best personalized yoga mats for you. You can share your mat shopping exercise with us, in the comment section below. Also if you find this blog useful, then don’t forget to share it with all your friends. 

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