Every couple wants their wedding to be great and memorable. It should be a celebration of love that the couple will share with all the guests of the wedding. Organizing and preparing a wedding is not easy task, however.

These are seven tricks that you can use to pull off a wedding that is special and unforgettable for everyone involved:

Think Outside Of The Box With The Venue And Decorations: Choosing to hold your wedding in a hotel is a boring choice. It may have been trendy to do that in the 1980s but when your other options are in a farm or a beach, you are better off excluding it from consideration.

The key to picking out a venue that is memorable is getting rid of your expectations of what a wedding venue is supposed to be. This eliminates preconceived ideas of what you should be looking for, which opens your mind to unconventional venues. The most popular choices for most couples are beach and garden weddings. But if you want to go for something unexpected, you may consider conservatories, art galleries, antique stores, caves and safari.

Whatever type of venue you choose, you need to ensure you decorate it as gorgeously as it is possible. You need the best wedding furniture available in your area as it is the most important thing in the venue decoration. If you are planning a destination wedding say for example a wedding venue in Mexico, check out this cool collection of wedding rentals Mexico.

Pick A Theme That Is Relevant To The Relationship: When organizing a wedding, you should always pick out a theme. The theme will be where a big part of the event will revolve around. It will be the basis of the décors, cakes, party favors and even the wedding vows.

The best themes for weddings are those that have relevance over the relationship. For example, if the couple met in a coffee shop for the first time, it may be smart for the wedding organizer to transform the venue into a coffee shop or hold it in an old café.

Be Minimalist: Not everyone will appreciate minimalism. But there is value in it. It brings the wedding closer to what matters, which is the love between the couple. Plus, it also means lesser overall expenses for the groom and bride.

There is also something very timeless and classic about minimalism. It makes a statement while bringing out the beauty in every element in the wedding.

Groomsmen gifts: Groomsmen are the most important individuals of the grooms life — they could be your brothers, best friends, or cousins.

The symbolic of groomsmen gifts is the way to say “thank you” for being part of the most significant day of their life. Some grooms may overlook groomsmen gifts, but history tells us that they play a prominent role in the life of the groom and the bride.

Bring Out Memorable Cake Toppers: Picking out groom and bride cake toppers are no longer fashionable. With cake makers becoming more creative, you will be able to request whatever you want. It may be better if you choose something along the lines of the theme so that there is consistency.

Be Picky With People You Invite: Your wedding is one of the few times that you are allowed to be petty. If you feel like inviting someone into your wedding is not going to create a positive experience, you have to strike them off from the list. You need to enjoy and be happy on your wedding day. You have to make sure that the people attending are those that you will truly appreciate seeing.

Give Out Unique Party Favors: Party favors are among the most exciting things about weddings. Couples should make sure that the party favors they will be giving out are unique and exciting. Just so that there will be consistency, it would also be good if it will fit the theme of the wedding. For example, if the theme of the party is traveling, it would be a great idea to give out traveling kits for the people attending.

Choose Great Dinner Games: You need to sustain the energy of the crowd even during the reception. One of the most effective ways to do this is by playing games during the reception. While most couples would rather not add games into the schedule, they do provide a great way to enjoy the night in a way that is fun for everyone. There is a reason why they are starting to become popular in weddings.

The great thing about playing games during the wedding reception is that they do not have to be necessarily romantic. There is no limit as to what game can be utilized in the event. This is why Jenga, Ring Toss, badminton and even board games are increasingly popular choices. Just as long as everyone is enjoying and no one is getting dirty, you are free to play it.


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