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8 Professions Where Teamwork Is Essential

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The ability to work together enables you to achieve your professional goals because it promotes the creative use of the competences and abilities of different people. It is one of the factors that help to maintain high efficiency Рdespite differences and sometimes also despite conflicts.  A journalist or construction worker is a profession in which teamwork is essential.

Working with people – professions

Social competences are just as important as professional knowledge, which is why employers expect candidates to be communicative, assertive and cooperative. Lack of specific characteristics and predispositions may make it impossible to perform the chosen profession. Cooperation is necessary especially in professions such as:


A person who deals with journalism: television, press, radio or Internet, makes materials in cooperation with cinematographers, sound engineers, proofreaders, etc. The person who deals with journalism: television, press, radio or Internet, makes materials in cooperation with cinematographers, sound engineers, proofreaders, etc. Willingness to get into conflicts could extend the time it takes to produce a reportage, article or programme.

PR Specialist

The image of a politician, businessman or any other recognizable person or company is the responsibility of a staff of people who create and implement a well thought-out public relations strategy. A PR specialist is responsible for contacts with the media, but also often for internal communication, which is necessary, for example, to properly organize a company event.


Firefighters must form a harmonious team – otherwise they would not be able to react and act quickly and effectively enough. It is important for them to be able to cooperate with representatives of other rescue services as well.

Medical professional

The ability to cooperate is also essential in the medical professions, as its absence would make it more difficult to carry out operations or other procedures implemented to save lives.

Construction worker

Lack of cooperation would also make it impossible to carry out construction projects. These are multi-stage projects in which the work of one team depends on how the professionals who implemented the previous stages did.

Catering assistant (cook, waiter)

It would be difficult to maintain the appropriate dynamics of the restaurant if the waiters were unable to cooperate with each other, but would compete for tips, for example. The relationship between staff and chefs is equally important, as conflicts delay and sometimes even paralyse work.

IT specialist

The programmer involved in the project cooperates with a team of programmers, testers and other IT specialists. Lack of cooperation hinders the timely completion of tasks and results in financial losses.


The person who manages, works with supervisors, subordinates and service providers outside the company. The ability to build good, correct and professional relations is one of the basic requirements for such a position. Managers are often the ones who are responsible to introduce effective teambuilding methods, that helps to increase the efficiency of every team.

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