Spring break’s coming up.

What’s your plan? Are you spending it alone – or do you want a hookup? We assume the later. After all, a spring spent alone is a waste. It’s a fun season. After all, spring break signals the end of winter. It’s when people start to open up to socializing more!

So What Do I Do?

You need a plan. You’ve got to know where to hookup. This is something we’ll help you with. Below are 5 search ideas. Explore each, and have a fun spring break!

#1 – Dating Sites.

An obvious suggestion (but surprise) – it gets ignored by many…

Why? Because many people find the online game as exhausting. They also assume that spring break equals “no internet.” If you’ve got that misconception, then it’s time to drop it.

You Need the Internet.

Hookups come easy online. Just because spring break’s around, doesn’t mean the opposite…So look for hookup sites. And one of the best hookup sites is “Tinder,” which is notorious for quick flings.

Quick Tip: Keep it Local.

Tinder’s a worldwide site. But obviously, a hookup needs to be close by. So look for a more local website. And preferably, find one in your native language (assuming English isn’t that)…

I Think Dating Sites are Slow.

That’s fine. So you need alternatives on where to hookup. And for that, we recommend you…

#2 – Specialized Dating Sites.

If the average site doesn’t work for you – then expand your search. Look for websites that cater to a demographic you’re interested in. This may be interracial, a sex cam website, or just random online offers…

But as a tip, you should…

Focus on Youth Dating Sites.


Well, aren’t spring breaks mostly enjoyed by those in their 20s? After all, you’re still a little “free” during that age…You don’t have the stress of long work hours in an office. So that’s an age group to chase after. And if you find hookup sites that cater to that age, then stick to them!

#3 – Social Media.

You probably have a social media account…

And you probably have a circle that’s enjoying spring break. This could be friends, colleagues, or a group you’re in…If so – try finding a hookup there.

Who This Works For.

This works best for students.

If you’re in school, the consequences aren’t that grave. After all, your FB profile likely doesn’t contain work colleagues. Everyone else is a friend or a student. And there’s likely a match here and there…

Try contacting them, and see what they’ve got to say. If you find a match that’s interested, you have a hookup!

I Need Other Ideas…

That’s fair. Maybe you assume that flirting for hookups on social media is “bad for your public image.” In that case, you can…

#4 – Search for Group Tours.

OK – spring breaks come with vacations. And there’s likely that a group tour of colleagues heading somewhere…That’ll usually be a beach environment, or a place to tour. Whatever it is, join the fold! And if you can, try to bring friends along. In fact, your friends may recommend you a group tour for a hookup!

#5 – Bars and Night Clubs.

Maybe offline scouting is your best bet.

We’re not saying that the internet is bad. To the contrary, the internet is the easiest option on this list…But still, if you’re going for a spring break hookup, you need your social skills.

After all, a hookup is a face-to-face thing. You won’t enjoy someone through web cam talks only…You’ll have to take your conversations offline at some point. Also…

More Convenient.

Think of it this way. A spring break hookup lasts a few weeks tops. Maybe a few months if they’re seriously attractive…If you meet them at a bar/club, it’s easier to call it quits when you have too. Because there’s no anticipation that comes with the “online game.”

You’re familiar with each other, since your first talk is face-to-face. Thus, finding an offline hookup is convenient. It’s easier to split and keep finding other partners!

Start Your Search Now.

Because when else are you starting! Spring’s in a few weeks. So try the suggestions above, and find a hookup!

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