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9 Types of Ankle Boots and General FAQs

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Boots come in a variety of shapes and forms. Yes, you heard it right. From knee-high to ankle length, calf-length, and below the Ankle Boots, there are tens of types of boots currently out there. The growing trend of such fashionable boots has forced companies to produce new and more classy boots every year, and hence when going out for boot shopping, you find yourself confused and trapped. 

One of the most common types of boots one tends to shop for is the Ankle Boots. These are very common, one of the most affordable ones, easy to maintain and fit all sorts of attire. But even these boots have a varied variety. Here are some of the most trendy and fashionable ankle boots you can get your hands on online.


  1. Leather boots

Genuine leather boots are classy and extremely vibrant. They live long and are easy to maintain. Their building is such that you can run and jump in them with little to no damage. However, if you want to keep the value of these intact, it is advisable to use them softly. 


  1. Velvet boots

Giving a delivery feeling when touched, these soft-skinned boots are a favorite among many youngsters. They are not very costly and go well with tights, jeans, and even shorts and skirts. Velvet boots are easy to wear and generally come with laces. 


  1. Fleece Lined boots

These types of Ankle Boots are preferred most by young ladies. They usually are black with a pattern of the furry design on the back. The design is very unique and surely makes people come up to you and enquire about it. If you are someone who is into furry shoes, this is something you are gonna like. 


  1. Suede Boots

Similar to that of velvet boots, Suede boots also feel soft on the outside and inside. They are also laced with a long heel and go well with attire that includes both casual and professional. Maintaining them is not very difficult but does demand some taking care of them. 


  1. PU Boots 

Also known as Polyurethane boots, PU boots are one of the most affordable boots you can find in the market. They are made of synthetic material and can be easily found in any and every online shoe shop. They do not have any laces and require you to slide your shoes and then tighten them using a mechanism. It is classy and, if you need a boot just for the sake of it, buy a pair of PU boots and, you’ll surely be satisfied. 


  1. Laced Boots

If you love trying laces and rocking a pair of laced shoes, these laced boots are perfect for you. Wearing them can take some time due to the long laces that tangle the boot. Laced boots at enabled length and very generic looking. They look more like shows and less like boots but do have a short heel. 


  1. Faux-Fur Boots

No, not just carpets made of Faux Fux, Faux Fur boots are also very famous. They are classy looking and come in a little expensive than any other kind of boot, you will find these boots being worn by ladies in the colder regions. Faux fur boots provide warmth and also protect your feet from any damage. 


  1. Low Heel Boots

Very short heel, but similar to that of a PU Boots in terms of design, Low Heel Boots are stylish and worth your bucks. They fit in tight which means you’ll need a perfect size or else wearing them might be tremendous trouble. 

  1. Fringed Boots

A combination of leather and synthetic or velvety fringed falling from the ankle, Fringed Boots are one of the most badass boots. They can be rocked with a clean pair of blue jeans the best. 


  1. Which are the best Ankle Boots

Answer: If you are looking for an affordable boot goes for PU Boots, if you love laces go for laced boots, and the more classic ankle boots can also be bought. It completely depends on your style. 

  1. Which are the most affordable Boots? 

Answer: PU Boots Laced Boots and even Low Heel Boots are some of the most affordable boots you can find online. However, it also depends on the brand and quality. 

  1. Which dress is best for boots

Answer: Be it any form of boots, a pair of tidy jeans go with all of them. If you are planning to wear boots longer than Calves, wear short skirts or dresses. Low heel boots and PU boots also go well with professional attire. 

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