Antenatal Profile Test

The health of the mother and child are of utmost importance during pregnancy. If the mother is healthy, she can bear a healthy child. Therefore, the doctor takes every precaution to keep the mother fit, so that the fetus growing inside her can be fit and there will be no complications during the delivery. The doctor will perform an Antenatal Profile Test from time to time during the gestation period and prescribe proper medicines and healthy lifestyle tips. The antenatal profile test is necessary to rule pot any chances of abnormalities or genetic defects in the fetus. There are different types of antenatal profile tests in the market ranging from blood tests, urine tests and various other scans.

Types of Antenatal Profile Test:

  1. Blood glucose test: Some pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes which goes away after the delivery but can reoccur in future. Proper medications and lifestyle are needed if a woman is detected with gestational diabetes otherwise the baby may face some breathing problems as she grows older. Therefore, regular blood glucose test is a must during pregnancy.
  2. Urine test: A urine test is also an important antenatal profile test because it detects any kind of urinary tract or bladder infections. These infections can cause complications in pregnancy and delivery. Pregnant women are prone to these kind of infections and the best way to curb them is by taking this test and necessary precautions thereafter.
  3. HIV test: A pregnant woman is been prescribed an HIV and AIDS test because an HIV positive mother can transmit the disease to the child during pregnancy if proper precautions are not taken. Moreover, the test is also essential for the protection of the mother, and child.
  4. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C test: These two are important antenatal profile test because these are transmitted through blood contact. Therefore, they can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or during delivery. Hepatitis B has vaccinations, but Hepatitis C has no vaccinations. Doctors usually suggest anti-viral medicine for hepatitis C and patients must take these medications for 12-13 weeks or even longer too.
  5. Hemoglobin test: Low levels of hemoglobin suggest that the pregnant woman is suffering from anemia or loss of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and are very important for the proper growth of the fetus. Therefore, if a pregnant woman is suffering from anemia, she will be given iron supplements and also she should follow a diet with iron rich foods
  6. Rubella test: Rubella which is also known as German measles is a kind of rash. Most people are vaccinated against rubella in their young age which makes them immune. The disease can have serious effects on the fetus when the mother is suffering from rubella. Therefore, this antenatal profile test is being done so that a pregnant woman who has not received the vaccination can be treated in early stage with precautionary injections.
  7. Chorionic villus sampling: This is an invasive test and involves taking a small sample from the placenta to check genetic abnormalities if any in the cells of the fetus. The test is performed somewhere between ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy. This will help in preventing any kind of abnormalities for the kid.
  8. Ultrasonography: An ultrasonography is conducted at each level of pregnancy to evaluate the growth, heartbeats, structure and movements of the growing baby. The procedure is painless and non-invasive. Ultrasonography or USG also helps the doctor to determine the date of delivery.
  9. Group B Strep Culture: GBS is a type of bacteria that is found in the vagina and rectum. It is not harmful to the mother but very harmful for the new-born child if he comes in contact with the GBS. It is life-threatening and can cause meningitis and pneumonia. Therefore, the GBS culture is very important in the list of antenatal profile test.

Today’s article is a very informative piece for would-be mothers and their family members. It gives them an idea of all the Antenatal Profile Test and what they are all about. The would-be mothers should not neglect any test as it has its importance for the safety of both mother and child.

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