Since the vintage fashion trends are popular again, many 90s glasses styles made their way back into the industry. Many brands took inspiration from the classic designs and projected them into chic, fashionable pieces. Also, they used the trendy colors and materials from back in the day for a 90s experience. Therefore, we listed some of the evergreen styles to look out for this year. These pieces can add more impact to your avatar and give a wearable and fashionable look. Besides, these glasses for girls and boys have a versatile look that you can flaunt for several years to come. 

Pilot Eyeglasses 

Pilot-style glasses were a hit in the last century because of Ray-Ban.  The brand introduced this cult-favorite style and, soon, it became a popular choice among Hollywood celebrities. Furthermore, this style paved the way for fashion trends in the coming decades. Recently, the classic pilot style made a comeback with the same iconic gold frame. Also, it comes in a sturdy metal material that enhances the longevity of the pair. 

The frame of these eyeglasses is lightweight because of the thin wire structure. Besides, the contemporary design of these glasses goes well with all outfits. It is also flattering on most face shapes as it comes with a versatile design. These glasses are perfect if you want an old Hollywood vibe. Also, the pair goes well for a subtle vintage look. 

Rectangle Eyeglasses

Rectangle Eyeglasses were essential in every 90s sitcom and many celebrities adorned this classy pair. They also came in thin and lightweight metal frames. Also, most people opted for silver and gold tones. Nowadays, you can shop for these eyeglasses from various brands in different materials and color options. Several high-end names also add some signature embellishments to make the pair look unique. 

Since these eyeglasses are now available in every material, you can also get a transparent glasses frame. Hence, you can pair them with any outfit and complete your look. These eyeglasses are also available in fun and sporty colors that go well in every season. Besides, you can avail yourself of the option of classic black, brown, and burgundy shades. 

Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses

It is no secret that tortoiseshell frames are a favorite of fashion lovers and those who prefer a luxurious look. These eyeglasses are a staple in almost every brands’ catalog. Also, they have a versatile look that suits every taste. Tortoiseshell glasses complement all fashion styles and go well with most color combinations. These glasses are a good option for all skin tones as well because of the warm look. 

Most tortoiseshell frames come with a combination of two or more tones that complement each other. These include caramel, gold, honey, brown, and yellow tones. Meanwhile, you can also opt for gray and black shades for a cool-toned look. Tortoiseshell glasses are also available in different shapes that add a modern touch to this vintage design. 

Oversized Eyeglasses

The classy and luxurious look of oversized eyeglasses is a hit nowadays. This pair is available in versatile shapes and colors that cater to all tastes. You can wear these glasses for a casual summer look or flaunt them on a cozy night event. Also, they are perfect for work or study as they complement every avatar. 

Back in the day, these glasses were the embodiment of glamorous and high-fashion looks. However, time changed and now people look at them as a part of casual wear. Nevertheless, you can also adorn them as a formal accessory because of the vintage look. 

These glasses styles were a popular choice of fashionistas a few decades ago. But, trends recycle now and then to become a part of mainstream fashion once again. Therefore, many international brands brought back these glasses styles to add a modern spice to some vintage designs. 


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