Jewellery care is crucial to ensure the longevity and resellable value of your precious accessories. Are you someone purchasing a piece of real jewellery for the first time? It is obviously a major investment, which will take up a significant chunk of your finances. This further emphasises the importance of proper upkeep of your valuable pieces.

Just by taking some simple measures, you can maintain the value of your valuables. If you are completely lost about where to begin, then keep on reading to learn the essential dos and don’ts for jewellery care-

Proper Storage and care

This is a simple but important step to preserve your jewellery. Usually when purchased, a jewellery piece comes with an appropriate storage box or a pouch. This individual soft jewellery box or pouch helps protect the piece from scratching or any wear or tear.

If you are carrying jewellery while travelling make sure you store them in a durable accessories case to keep them safe and tangle-free.

A loose gemstone can fall off or a weak clasp may break. Getting your jewellery regularly checked by your jeweller is a key precaution to consider. Do make sure you get your pieces professionally repaired and re-plated at least annually.


Cleaning your sparking valuables increases their luster and prevents accumulation of dirt or germs. You should always use authentic jewellery cleaning cloths or soft lint-free cloths. Different jewellery require different cleaning methods.

  • You can use mild soap water and a toothbrush to gently clean your diamonds to restore their brilliance and shine. Afterwards make sure you thoroughly dry the piece to remove any residue moisture. You can also use a Dazzle Stick to give your diamonds a short-term shine.
  • On the other hand, pearls are quite delicate so you should only use a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe and clean them. Again, make sure they are completely dry and free from any moisture before storing them. If you wear your pearls often, then make sure you take them to your jewellers at least once a year for professional cleaning.
  • For cleaning silver you can get a silver cloth, which is quite inexpensive.
  • Other gemstones are sensitive to soap and may react badly. You should gently wipe them with a soft lint-free cloth.

However, it is important to note that these are a few basic and short-term solutions. The internet is full of drastic cleaning practices involving highly reactive chemicals, which might permanently damage your jewellery.

Instead of taking such a risk you can consider getting your jewellery professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning and polishing will restore your jewellery’s shine.

Some Don’ts

  • Avoid spraying mists, perfumes or deodorants on your jewellery. The chemical present in those products can tarnish or discolour your sparkling jewels.
  • You should take off your jewellery before showering or swimming. Or else overtime the chlorine present in the water can tarnish your pieces.
  • While travelling by air, try and keep your jewellery in your carry-on rather than in your check-in baggage. Usually check-in baggage is roughly handled, which can cause damage to your jewellery.
  • Make sure you store your jewellery in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

These are some useful and effective steps you can take to keep your jewellery looking brilliant. If you are spending a good amount of your savings on these pieces, then you can certainly take some precautionary measures to keep up their value.

Also, remember if you are not confident cleaning your jewellery at home, then you can always get professional jewellers’ services for the best results.

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