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A Guide On How To Wear Babydoll Dresses In The Right Way

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The baby doll dresses for adults is becoming a very popular piece of lingerie and nightwear. It’s sexy, comfortable and there is at least one baby doll out there for almost everyone. Baby dolls are considered as a piece of luxury lingerie that can be worn by the women of any age and shape.

History of Baby Doll

The credit goes to the American lingerie designer Slyvia Pedlar, who used to produce them in 1942 in response to fabric shortages during World War II. These designs later came to know as “baby dolls”.


A baby doll can be made out of any type of fabric and the designs and styles available are numerous. While you can purchase baby dolls with a bralette attached or baby dolls with just fabric. However, baby dolls usually have straps and the length of it usually falls between the upper thigh and the belly button. While it comes with a matching pair of knickers.

However, you can get baby dolls made with lace, silk, satin, chiffon, mesh, nylon, and much more different fabrics. Usually, the baby doll will have ruffles, bows, a lace pattern.

Derived from

Babydoll is thought to be derived from lace trimmed shortie bed jackets and bed caps. However, the baby doll as known today is different from the baby doll 20 years ago. As fashion changed and things became more acceptable the baby doll has taken a new and bolder look.

Usage Now

The baby doll is used to use at night and bedroom luxury lingerie with the large variety of baby dolls available. These baby dolls are mainly suitable for teenage girls, for women who are more conservative and also for the more adventurous types out there.

This piece of luxury lingerie is comfortable and flexible. You can wear the same baby doll like nightwear as well!

Choosing the Right Baby Doll for Yourself

Baby dolls have been one of the women’s favorite choices for undergarments since the 1970’s.

Shape or form

Another reason for its continued popularity is the fact that baby doll lingerie can be easily worn by women. The basic design lends itself beautifully to any shape or form of the female body.

However, if you are petite women then you can choose a baby doll that is less frilly. Frills or ruffles, especially around the neck area, tend to draw attention to your face and bust. While if you have small breasts, choose a baby doll design that has a v-neckline. This style, coupled with push up cups, can wonderfully enhance the look of your bust.


Babydoll is usually a length of the skirt and petite women will look better wearing babydoll lingerie with shorter skirts. This will also help to enhance the look of your legs and make them seem longer as well. The best thing to do if you are confused about skirt lengths is to choose one that lengthens your legs. Aside from giving the illusion of length, a shorter skirt is generally more appealing and will look sexier.


Babydoll offers many color options to choose from. However, the right color is actually the one that suits your mood for the day. If you want to look cute, sweet and innocent, wear a baby doll with pastel colors like pink, baby blue, or any variety of white. Women who want to exude an aura of dominance and powerful sexuality will mostly choose red or black.


When it comes to fabric, you may want to try wearing velvet, satin, lace or silk. These are some of the most popular fabrics, they are not easy to clean and take care of. If you prefer lingerie that’s as easy as to clean as they are soft, you might want to try nylon fabrics.

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