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A Guide to Saving Money When Shopping Online

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Shopping online is as enjoyable as it is convenient, leading many to splurge on new items slightly more often than they should. If this sounds like you, you will probably be on the lookout for tips on how to save money on your purchases wherever you can. The good news is that saving money on online shopping is quite easy when you know where to look and what to do! Here are some guidelines to follow:

Routinely check coupon websites

There are quite a few dedicated coupon websites out there – some of which can save you up to 90% on your purchases at certain online stores! The majority of these coupon websites offer coupons for a wide variety of different stores selling goods online, and not necessarily just from one specific genre, such as online clothing stores. For example, you may find options to claim coupons for eBay on the same website as you will find a particularly valuable AliExpress coupon.

Most coupon websites tend to work in the same way – navigate to a certain store’s page on their website and browse through a host of coupon codes that can be revealed with a simple click.

Sign up to receive emailers from your favorite online stores

If there are online stores at which you shop frequently, it pays to sign up to receive their weekly or monthly emailer. Often, in doing so, you will gain access to exclusive deals and offers, and be one of the first to know of any thrilling sales or discounts. Another good reason to sign up to receive emailers is the fact that there is usually another incentive tied to taking this specific action. For instance, you might receive an immediate 20% off your next purchase or get a free gift.

Sign up for loyalty clubs

Almost all of the most popular online stores have put loyalty programs in place for their shoppers. As you probably know, these loyalty programs generally operate on the premise of ‘the more you spend, the more you save’. Therefore, if you are already spending a substantial amount shopping there each month, a loyalty club can help you to conserve some cash along the way.

Visit the sale pages

You will usually find a dedicated sale page on each online store’s website. This page includes a list of items on sale, but still in great condition. The reason for their lower prices is commonly attributed to excess stock, the end of a season, or the last remaining stock of a particular range. Always be sure to browse this web page whenever you are looking for something specific – or just for fun!

Reduce pricing parameters

When searching for an item, always click on the ‘price: low to high’ filter option to avoid tempting yourself with options that are out of your budget. Some online stores even allow you to specify your exact budget using a slider, which can help narrow your choices down tremendously.

Happy shopping (and saving)!


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