We have witnessed great chefs throughout history, and today the great chef we are going to talk about is Adam Schihab. Adam Schihab was born in the Maldives. As early as in high school, Adam Schihab wanted to become a chef. He cultivated the appreciation and awareness of food in his motherland Maldives. He watched the growth of food, observe how it should have prepared, and experimented with how to bring flavors with different pairs. He pushed the boundaries of fine dining by doing his Masters in International Management from “The University of Liverpool” and by working with different restaurants. He completed his study at an institute of “Hotel and Catering Services.” By the time he received his Master’s degree, he had developed a great interest in pastry making. Therefore, he went to pastry schools in Paris to receive training in Pastry making. He also received training from HTC’s French Culinary School.

Chef Adam Schihab secured great experience while working in ten different countries of the World, including motherland Maldives, Italy, the United States, Papua, Egypt, the Philippines, Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Oman, and Qatar. Hard work always pays off very well, and so as luck. Adam Schihab was not only a hard worker, but a great fortune remained on his side as well. He was lucky enough to work in resorts, five-star hotels, and the Four Seasons like Conrad Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, Dusit Thani, Waldorf Astoria, Relais & Châteaux in France, and many more. Adam Schihab is one of the few renowned chefs who have been lucky enough to get a chance to work at Joel French restaurant, which won the award of James Beard.

Prior to lead the “Vanille” group in Al Kobar, Saudia Arabia as a pastry expert, Chef Adam Schihab worked at Waterfront  Hotels Group as a “Group Executive Pastry Chef.” He secured the second position at Waterfront Food Concept Inc. as Assistant Vice President in return of catering several coffee shops diligently. He joined the Vanille group with the same concept of catering. With the rich experience of Chef Adam Schihab in managing the big volume of kitchen operations, Vanille group is serving forty-five clientele per day to various beverage and food sectors of the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia with home-made pastries and European styled bakery products like croissants, cakes, brownies, pastries, and cakes.

You cannot own a business if you do not own the power of social media marketing! Social media has become the treasure of inspiration for entrepreneurs, and Chef Adam Schihab knows the art of social networking as well. Harnessing the power of Instagram, Chef Adam Schihab is building a network of best culinary experts in the World. You can check his baking adventures by scrolling through his Instagram field: @Vanillaksa@vanilla_sa and fourberry17.

Chef Adam Schihab has worked with different entrepreneurs and food companies. He is always looking to collaborate with exciting and emerging talents. Food passionate can contact him at schihab.adam@gmailcom. On Instagram, Adam Schihab promotes his creating and great work of other chefs as well. Scrolling through his Instagram feed, one can see the variety of croissants. Croissants are one of the best recipes that are not only popular among his customers, but also Adam loves to cook croissants. Among different croissants, Zaarta croissant always remains in the high demand list of his customers in the East of Saudi Arabia. He recently realized his recipe book named “The Islander Chef.” He named this book the Islander chef because he had worked 20 years of his life in collecting enchanting recipe secrets from different Islands across the World. The name of the book itself tells about his journey: starting from his Mother Island Maldives, working in 10 different countries, to becoming the leading Chef of Pastry in Vanille Group located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Even if you are living in Europe or you think you make good croissants, you need to try the carefully written recipes of Chef Adam Schihab. Adam used Moul-Bie T45 and T55 polished methods, which he learned in Paris, France, during his pastry training in a School. The Book Islander Chef comes with plenty of tips and tricks to help you in cooking the perfect croissants, macrons, pastries, French chocolate tart, and decadent chocolate cake.

Experience his latest baking adventures by following him in all of his social media accounts @Vanillaksa@vanilla_sa and fourberry17.

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