Since the birth of the Internet, life has changed, bringing the whole world closer. People can communicate, talk and even fall in love across regions. This has never happened before. With the convenience of science and technology, people’s lives have greatly improved. 

Online shopping, as a new way of shopping. Scientific and High-tech innovations have played a huge role. More and more consumers tend to shop online. It is fast and convenient, and brings great joy to users in operation. But in fact, the birth of the online store was not smooth sailing. It has experienced a lot of setbacks. After continuous improvement, today’s online store system has been achieved. 

At the beginning, the birth of the online store was irregular. And an operator could open his own online store. This means that the quality of consumers’ goods cannot be guaranteed. They may steal consumers’ information and sell it to other parties. The disclosure of information makes consumers more distrustful of online stores.  People would prefer to go offline physical stores to choose items. Until each country has issued its own policies one after another. Take Britain, a big online shopping country, as an example. Without the consent of consumers, operators cannot collect and use consumer information. Not to mention leaking or selling to others. It is not allowed to provide personal information to anyone. Such as identity information, income and property status, consumption, etc. Nor can it send commercial information to consumers. With the announcement of this measure and the promotion activities of online stores. The desire of British citizens to shop online has rapidly increased. 

When one problem is solved, another problem arises. In order to pursue their own high profits. The operators use means to attract consumers’ attention. So as to guide the user to purchase. Such as shoddy, live performance fraud, etc. There is no doubt that it is fatal to the development of the entire online store.  Without legal support, consumers have no way to protect their rights. Consumers can only consider themselves unlucky. This has hit consumers’ passion a lot for online shopping. With the passage of time, the government intervened and promulgated a series of provisions. Only then can corrected the unhealthy atmosphere of online shopping. 

Today, the market has improved itself and the promulgation of various policies. The entire network environment has been improved. Online shops are getting better and better. The online stores is not limited to clothing, but also various electronic products. With the integration of the global economy, HONOR, as one of the strong consumer electronics brands. It has its own online stores all over the world with good performance and perfect after-sales service. Among them, Britain has the greatest momentum. In Britain, where inclusiveness is strong, consumers quickly accepted HONOR. HONR has established its own HONOR official store in UK. Annual sales are in a leading position in the market. 

The future of the online store needs the conscience of the operators and the strong support of consumers. Only through cooperation can the two sides go further!

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