Algedra has completed a top-notch villa design project in Al Ain. The company has been accurate to use bold yet nature inspired elements to get concrete results as of the clients what asked to have. Scope of the residential project was landscaping, interior design and exterior works. Modern and rustic design styles were the main focus to upgrade the ambiance.

Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group says, ‘’We don’t compromise sleek yet minimal touches to harbor serene, and the contemporary lifestyle where everyone feels at home. Our interior designers use a significant amount of materials to eliminate seedy situations that is something we don’t want to have, and in return, we handover the best of its kind.’’

1- Interior Design and Details

Kitchen, dining room and living room exhibit their open plan structure to be able to move easily from one space to another, are divided with real plants to add more fresh air reinforcing back to the nature event, and moreover show its natural elements that elevate the look to the top level.

Living Room

Expansive windows have benefited from long curtains that provide privacy, and customised furniture has supported by cream and beige colours to upgrade the interior space. Use of plants, stone alike wallpapers, and fireplace detail create cozy and friendly interior design for space.


This villa project contains more than 3 bedroom designs, and every bedroom includes details that reflect its user taste and character. Comfortable bed, elegant furnishing, minimal and African inspired wallpapers, UAE’s famous palm trees that cover natural events in which one is the attribute to sun set with shade of reddish sky expand love of nature through illumination.

Glass is dominated throughout the villa to bring outside view inside, and build harmonious wavelengths in the interiors.

Tareq Skaik, Head of Design at Algedra Group concludes ‘’Glass dominated design is an interesting tool to feel amazement as changing habitants and replacing with new items enhance a sense of amusement.’’

Decor Details

The neutral colours overweight interior design, furnishing and decorative accessories forge balance with sustainable lifestyle, and create distinct functions for each room, and repressing simplicity with rustic and modern design style, where this is you will see luxury and elegance at the same time thanks to Algedra Group, and they have contributed to the project by aspects that are imperative elements that hold villa to the top-notch quality, and result is satisfactory.

Kitchen Design

Countertop and chairs contain black colour with white veins through decor, and open plan structure reverts the kitchen in a way that provides best of use.

Dining Room

The plant’s use is here on its top level with a greenery atmosphere, and helps to remove focus on the TV unit whilst eating. Chairs are beige, and next to the dining table, expansive windows present an unique dining with great landscape design view.

See final version of villa design project, click here.

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