If you are employed and have an active social life, your wardrobes are always crying out loud to be on trend. Not to mention, the different kinds of fashionable and yet muted clothing you have to keep on account of spending too many hours at the office.

Having a completely separate set of work wear is necessary to differentiate your strictly work days from the days when you have to slip into something less formal for an after-work party. Semi-formals are great, yes, but not all the time.

Sometimes your occupation demands specific work gear such as boots, protective helmets, jackets, gumboots, gloves, overcoats and so on.

Unlike your usual work wear, work gear is not necessarily attractive enough to be worn at post-work gatherings. You just have to change.

#1. Managing your Work Wear and Work Gear

It’s important to know how to manage your different sets of clothes. Try to not keep unclean work gear with your regular clothes and always carry a separate bag for post-work clothes.

In case you have to change frequently, try arranging for some space in your workplace so that it’s more convenient to store a few sets of clothes rather than carrying it every day.

#2. Work Gear – Home vs. Office

Staying at home doesn’t mean less work; rather it means more care and sensitivity. Not all your work gear has to be the same. It’s important to understand that what you wear for work is dependent on what kind of work you do.

Requiring a separate gear for working at home is necessary to segregate between the requirements and to feel completely professional when doing it. Not just that, it ensures safety, flexibility and a general hygiene. You obviously wouldn’t want to hold your kid in the shirt which just got smothered in garden fertilizers and mud.

Maintaining separate sets for different household works is essential to reduce indoor pollution and maintain a hygiene which is otherwise not possible.

#3. Gender Segregated Work Gear

Work Gear
Work Gear

While all sexes might be doing the same work, there’s always gender segregated work gear available. And it’s not only safe, but also relevant in terms of body requirement.

#4. Perks of Customization

The advantages of having a separate work gear for yourself involves easy customization. When you’re working in groups, customized clothes with a common brand insignia and names fosters solidarity and boosts up team building skills.

#5. Identity and Detection

Wearing high visibility work gear establishes a strong identity and ensures easy detection in case something goes wrong. If you’re working outside, bright clothes with insignia helps you stay out of many hassles and allows for concession in several places as well.

In case of inclement weather, your uniform is a boon, if you’re gardening and have to open a door for the delivery guy, he’ll know why you’re late.

#6. Maintenance and Care

Work Gear
Work Gear

Always ensure that you’re clear about the work you’re doing. This helps you choose your work gear efficiently. Improper selection may result in safety issues and potential mishaps which can be easily avoided.

Never be careless about maintaining your special clothes and equipment for work, as it may compromise its safety and performance.

Keep your gear away from any extreme weather unless they are actually resistant to it. Ensure that it is packed away properly, and you don’t have insects or mould growing anywhere nearby.

Experts recommend taking out your work gear at least once a month and give them some fresh air, when it’s prone to be not used for long periods of time. This prevents bacteria and germs form infesting it.

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