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5 Essential Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Have a More Comfortable Home

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House maintenance isn’t limited solely on repairs but also includes how you maintain the cleanliness inside your home. There are particular cleaning methods to have a clean and welcoming house. However, when things go wrong, there’s always a way for you to consider before seeking help from a professional maintenance company.

From stinky garbage bins to dusty furniture, every house has its cleaning challenges. No matter how dirty your home may be, there’s always a way and a solution to that problem. So, here are some of the useful tips and tricks to make your home as comfortable and welcoming as it can be.

Declutter Before You Start Cleaning

For some people, cleaning is tiring, especially if there’s so much to clean. Decluttering is an essential thing to do before you start cleaning the house. In this way, it minimizes the stuff you need to clean, which makes it easier for you to clean the area.

Decluttering or organizing your home before cleaning will save you time and hassle. If you have someone with you at home or your kids, have them organize their things, their books, toys, and other that needs to be in place.

Make a Cleaning Kit

Once you started cleaning, you’ll need to have your cleaning kit with you at all times. Having your cleaning kit with you could save you as much time as possible. In this way, you won’t need to go back and forth getting all the items you need for cleaning.

Place all your cleaning materials in one kit to make it more accessible and to make it easy to carry from one area to another.

You Must Have an All-Purpose Cleaner

Make an all-purpose cleaner using a spray bottle, baking soda, and warm water. An all-purpose cleaner can make any surface in your home gleam, especially the surfaces inside the kitchen. You could use a sponge to wipe the dirt and mess away.

Apply this mixture on your kitchen countertops to avoid damages and seams. Also, you can use this to any glass furniture, even on a glass stovetop.

Start and End in the Kitchen

Start with the cooking station of your kitchen as it typically is the dirtiest part in the cooking area. Using warm water and soap, soak the knobs and the pans, as well as the other greasy parts. The reason you have to start in your kitchen is that it takes more of your time cleaning than any other room in the house.

For starters, begin with your stove and work your way around the house. By the time you get back, it’ll be much easier to clean the utensils. After washing all the pans and knobs, you need to sanitize your sink as it will be full of bacteria caused by the food spills and greasy utensils.

Take Out Trash and Disinfect the Disposal

Of course, you wouldn’t forget throwing your trash away. Take out all the garbage inside your house and replace them with new trash bags. But before putting new trash bags, you need to disinfect all your garbage bins. Using lemon, salt, and several ice cubes, you can disinfect your garbage bins.


Cleaning your household results in a cleaner, welcoming, and elegant-looking house. It’s one of the essential things to do in your home. Truthfully, you don’t want to have an unsanitized and dirty house that’s full of dust and bacteria.

If you like to save more time and hassle, Maid Wizard would be happy to help you with your home maintenance needs. Consider these five useful tips and tricks to have a more cozy and welcoming home.

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