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Garrett Ace 400 – Is it Worth Buying?

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It was only two years ago that the Garrett Ace 400 arrived into the market. The reviews look quite impressive. Both the beginners as well as the experts seem to have approved this upgraded version of Garrett ACE 350.  In case you are still contemplating whether to buy this or not, here is something that will clear your confusion…

Right now there are two versions of Ace 400 that Garrett has released. The difference between these detectors is only minimal. Garrett 400 is for the US Market while the ACE 400i is for the European market.

The Garrett 400 is a powerful medium range detector that is capable of finding deep targets because of its 8.5” x 11” DD PROformance submersible search coil. This coil penetrates deep into the soil with great ease.

Made in a design very similar to the other models in the ACE metal detector series, ACE 400 is a very lightweight metal detector that weighs just 2.9 lbs. So you don’t feel as if you are walking with an anvil while on your treasure hunting trip. There is also the armrest that gives a good hold during search with a clamping ring that stabilizes the rod. On the whole this is one product that is both reliable and robust.

Although designed for the intermediaries and the experts, novice treasure hunters can also use the Garrett 400 with help from the explicit booklet that comes with this detector. Powered by 5 competent and versatile search modes, this detector is actually a turn on and go device. In case you are going treasure hunting with a group of other detectors, you can easily offset the frequency of this detector to eliminate interferences even if the other detectors operate at the same frequency. The basic search frequency of the Ace 400 is calibrated to 10 KHz, in order to maintain the stability of VLF detectors and increase the sensitivity of the device. So you won’t have to deal with the fireworks and screaming sounds while working on mineralized soils.

If you have used one of those Garrett yellow boxes you will be familiar with the ergonomic control box. The information that you can find on the complete LCD display is going to prove very useful in your treasure hunting endeavors. You can read the conductivity index from 00 to 99. So you can actually analyze the target before starting to dig. A high index here will point to a more conductive target such as silver. If the numerical indication is very low you may not want to waste your time digging. However, the value that you see depends entirely on the size of the object.

Initially it is always better to dig out all signals irrespective of your experience level. Once you are comfortable using the detector, you should be able to easily distinguish the good signals from the bad ones.

If you take a look at the left side of the screen, you should see the 5 modes of detection   – Zero-Disc, Coins, Jewelry, Custom, and Relics. There is also a static mode where you can see the Electronic pinpoint feature. This will be ideal for centering the buried object under the coil, accurately. You can also save time and efforts on unneeded digging. The probable depth of the target is indicated on the right of the LCD screen.

Equipped with multi-tone analysis that gives 3 different sounds, Garrett 400 makes the process of searching, a very easy one. The sensitivity can be adjusted up to 8 different levels.

For a mid-range detector the features and performance offered by the ACE 400 is quite surprising. If you are a serious metal detector enthusiast, this is one detector that can be totally worth buying.

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