Exotic Car Rental in Miami

One of the exquisite things about Miami is that you would be driving in an exotic BMW and have to screech to a halt to let an equally exotic peacock cross the road! 

That’s not all. You can sip some very strong and extra sweet Cuban coffee by stopping at any of the small street stalls or, if you wish, at a fancy restaurant. Cafecito or Cuban coffee is a rage here, and so are Cuban sandwiches, croquetas, Cuban cigars, and exotic cars. 

Yes, it is easy to find an exotic car rental in Miami, just as it is easy to have a savory snack of croquetas and cafecito here.

Amazing things about car rentals here

One of the amazing things about the car rentals here is that they are dedicated to giving their customers a wonderful experience of Miami. It seems like they aren’t only doing business; they want you to have a memorable and safe trip to this beautiful city. 

Perhaps that’s why you can find only the most upgraded and well-maintained fleet at reputable rentals. 

Not only this. They have made renting a car super easy for you. You can even book online. 

Requirements for renting a car in Miami 

Renting a car service in Miami requires no lengthy paperwork. Your driver’s license and personal insurance policy are enough to help you rent your dream car. In addition, you must put your credit card on file. This is for your own good because it lets you get back the security deposits easily. 

If you are 21 years and above, you can rent a car at the normal rates. If not, then you must pay an extra charge that comes under the ‘inexperienced driver rate.’

Some people say exotic rentals are costly

Well, they may be costlier than public transport! We are talking about luxurious cars here – BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Chevrolet, and the likes. These ARE costly cars. So, it is but natural that when you rent a Ferrari in Miami you will shell more money than when you rent an ordinary sedan. 

However, contrary to the popular belief, renting a luxury car service DOES NOT empty your wallet. You need not be a ‘rich spoilt brat’ to zoom off in a Lamborghini. You can be on a decent trip to Miami and yet rent your dream car. 

How to save while renting a luxury car

  • Make sure you are above 21 years of age. This way you need not pay any inexperienced driver rate. 
  • Drive responsibly to avoid any road mishap. The rentals would charge you for any damage to the car. 
  • Avoid smoking and littering in the car. A typical luxury car rental in Miami usually charges an ‘odor evidence fee.’
  • If you are on a budget, but still wish to drive an exotic car, make sure you plan your trip well so that you can do it within the miles allotted. Extra miles require extra payment. 
  • Drive on your own. Booking a driver is costlier. 


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