When it came to the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple put most of its creative powers into designing a truly capable phone.

Its 64-bit A9 chip is a technological wonder that easily powers the new iOS 9 and all of the apps that make Apple phones the best. The crystal clear display and astounding camera gives users the power to be their own professional photographer.

But while the 6s Plus can be customized and tweaked into a powerful smartphone, it’s lacking in design. To the average person, there’s no difference between it and any other Apple phone. And unless you noticed the little ‘s’ on the back of your 6s Plus, you probably didn’t realize there were many difference either.

One difference that you did notice right away was its size. The iPhone 6s Plus is the zeppelin of Apple phones, as it’s bigger and heavier than any other iPhone on the market. But that’s where the 6s Plus’ rebellion starts and ends, as it shares with every other iPhone the basic Apple features.

The same lines and contours are only updated with the addition of the color option, Rose Gold, but that’s not really the choice you were hoping for. When your iPhone 6s Plus is used as much as it is, you want it to reflect your personal style.

Think that an iPhone as distinctive as your own personality is an impossibility? It might have been back in 2007, when the iPhone first came out on the market, but nearly a decade has passed since then. Now you can change the look of your phone without spending a lot of money.

Skins for the iPhone 6s Plus are the inexpensive solution to your fashion woes, as they can totally transform your smartphone. Simply wrap these skins around your phone as if it were a sticker. It hugs every curve and sticks to every corner without the use of sticky glues.

While the underside of these iPhone 6s Plus skins adhere to your iPhone, the outside can be customized to your liking. They’re available in vibrant true colors and luxurious textures that you can mix and match until you arrive at your ideal combination.

The choices are nearly endless, as you can match your iPhone to your ever changing wardrobe.

Zebra wood with a matte black would make for a stunning display but so would a white leather and true red skin. Don’t like the sound of these combinations? Go online to play around with the colours and textures at your disposal.

Jump from site to site to see which design scheme would best suit your iPhone, making sure to explore the full selection at dbrand.com/shop/iphone-6s-plus. That way you can experiment with the options to find your favorite combination (or two!) for your 6s Plus. That way you can experiment with the options to find your favorite combination (or two!) for your 6s Plus.

Fair warning – you may spend a bit of time playing around with the style of skins, but it won’t be so bad. You’ll end up with a skin (or fleet of skins you can switch out) that will better represent your personal style. As a result, your iPhone 6s Plus will be as unique as you are.

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