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Commemorative and lapel pins are crafted with precision and care by experienced jewelry designers. The same effort and detailing goes into lapel pin making just as in the process of creating a jewelry piece. Exclusive lapel pins are gifted away to individuals, who are recognized for their dedicated service or unparalleled achievements. The mission of the service awards industry is to aid organizations in creating a culture of recognizing and acknowledging individuals’ achievements and contributions. They are striving toward creating a truly rewarding and fulfilling environment in organizations. Quite a number of professions are involved in the entire jewelry or pin making process. Here is a brief description of some of the careers you could pursue in the jewelry or pin making industry. Jewelry Designer In case you have a passion for fashion and you have an inclination toward painting, drawing or graphic designing, you could pursue a career in jewelry designing. Talented jewelry designers could work with jewelers, create extraordinary jewelry pieces for their retail clients or they can work for reputed manufacturers creating new designs for the company’s exclusive collection. Jewelry designers would be working with precious gemstones, beads, metals and diamonds for creating wearable art pieces. They could come up with one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for high-end clients or jewelers. They could come up with a truly creative line for some mass-market designer. Jewelry designers may create unique pieces and sell them themselves. They can create purely hand-crafted jewelry pieces. They may even use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for designing exclusive jewelry and pins. Jewelry designers often choose to be freelancers working on various assignments and with different clients. They may start their own jewelry business and introduce their own line of jewelry. A jewelry designer should master design as well as metal work techniques. He or she can go on adding each finished product to a professional portfolio. This portfolio would exhibit the jewelry designer’s artistic expression and designing ability to the potential clients and employers. He or she should possess a sound knowledge of CAD. A jewelry designer could gain industry exposure by entering competitions. This way he or she could stay updated on the latest design trends in the industry. Retail Jewelry Sales Professionals You could pursue a career in the field of retail jewelry sales if you love to interact and work with people and if you enjoy the concept of selling a piece of jewelry or an exclusive lapel pin, you are really passionate about.  You would surely derive immense pleasure when you get the opportunity of sharing your customers’ some of the moments of joy and elation. Jewelry sales professionals often join stores that specialize in selling service awards and memento’s like classic nursing pins that are typically presented to nurses on nursing pinning ceremony or lapel pins, M pins, BSN pins, custom rings, custom watches, branded clocks etc. Jewelry or pins sales professionals need to be enthusiastic, friendly and most importantly even-tempered. They should possess exceptional communication skills. They should master both non-verbal and verbal communication. Good salesmanship necessitates persistence and determination but not aggressiveness. They should have a deep respect for ethics and should work primarily in the interest of their clients. They should be willing and eager to learn about the products that they are selling and should share their knowledge with the customers so that buyers choose the right jewelry or pin suiting their requirements. Many jewelry and lapel pin stores provide ongoing product training from time to time. Retail Jewelry Management Personnel A career as a Retail Jewelry Management Personnel can be enormously rewarding whether you are managing your own store or taking care of someone else’s store or an online business or working in a large corporation. Retail jewelry managers are expected to be generalists, who are proficient in managing every aspect of operating a retail business. They have a keen eye for identifying efficient people, who could strengthen their team. Retail management is a highly challenging business. It involves hectic schedules and excessive stress of managing a business successfully in a tremendously competitive business scenario. Retail managers get a tremendous sense of achievement and fulfillment. They are respected and acknowledged by the business community and they get immense personal as well as financial satisfaction.

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