Are You A Snacker

At midnight, it often happens; your tummy rumbles! On a trip, you are always craving, and you incline toward not-so-good-snacks like crackers and chips.

So, whether you are a busy mom, who needs a nutritious on-the-go snack or someone who want to dole out satisfying meal on the travel, having a protein-rich and healthy food can be a game changer for your hungryyyy times. And the best part, you can enjoy these foods in your car by not hampering the peace when your kids are in sleep mode.

Have a look at ten mouth-watering dishes that you can bring with you in your car rides:

Nutrition-Rich Jerky:

Jerky, made from beef, turkey or chicken is a perfect portable snack for travels. Packed with more than 28 grams of proteins, it’s healthy and also tastes good. Bring some vacuum packed jerky as it won’t stink if you want to consume it for some time. You can also put the dish in the car cup holder making it easy for you to eat on the go.  Just make sure to pick low sodium and low-sugar one for healthier options.

Easy Peasy Sandwiches

Easy Peasy Sandwiches:

Super-easy and super-healthy, sandwiches make the best snack for travels. And the best part? They are easy to make, easier to store and are a kid’s favorite.

  • Avocado-egg sandwich: Create a delicious twist with the avocado-egg sandwich filled with the celery and sunflower seeds. Don’t put cream or mayonnaise as the avocado will bring creaminess without adding more calories. Make them before going and pack them in a container.
  • Cucumber and mint sandwiches: cucumber sandwiches not only make a perfect snack to be enjoyed with the afternoon tea, but also ideal for relishing the summer trips. Just bring some cucumber and mint leaves and your healthy go-to snack will be ready in no time.

Hummus Curd And Veggies:

Veggies with hummus make a great dip and snack for the time when you are bored with your usual meal.  Put your favorite veggies like red pepper, carrots, spaghetti squash, zucchini and you are ready with your healthy snack.

Tempting Salads:

Salads never disappoint you! In fact, they make a perfect snack to save from in-between hunger pangs. The dressed leaves, fine-chopped veggies and everything from meat to veggies, cheese and your favorite dressings the make a well-rounded meal. Want it to be more healthy? Through some hearty beans and nutty grains to complete the salad filling.

Apple And Almond Butter:

The savory, sweet and protein-rich apple-almond butter makes perfect on-the-go recipe. Just cut one apple and dip it in unsweetened almond butter and your car snack is ready. Apple and almonds make a perfect combination of complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats. On proteins, this dish has over 7 grams of proteins.

Protein Shakes:

Plant-based proteins or whey proteins are one of the most favorite dishes for fitness-conscious people.  They are easy to make and doesn’t need much room in your car. Just put water in a tumbler with packed-rich foods and your drink are ready.

Protein Shakes

Greek Yogurt:

It’s a big protein punch in a small container. However, it can turn to sugar and calorie filled pack if you don’t focus on its nutrition labels. Go with an unsweetened version that contains less sugar and is low in fat.

Protein Bars:

If they are protein bars, they are filled with proteins and are quite healthy. However, it’s not true. Protein bars contain lots of sugar and other fat-filled ingredients. You can pick better options like whole grain bars with low sugar content and more protein than carbohydrates.

Sushi Salads:

If you are a sushi fan, but only dreads from the time it takes during cooking, a sushi salad is perfect for you.  Bring some veggies and sushi, and keep them in a container. You can also put cooked crab, instead of tuna or salmon. Bring your ingredients and your favorite dressings, and you are ready to hit the roads.

Sushi Salads

Roasted Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are loaded with proteins and also make a healthy and delicious snack. Also, they are loaded with fiber and carbs, that will keep you active through the drive time.

Satisfied! Grab the snacks mentioned above and fill up your cravings!

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