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Armie Hammer: Oscar nomination would catapult his career

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Armie Hammer is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. He’s had his share of bad performances, but overall the talented actor has delivered in his many roles. Is it possible that Hammer can one day be considered one of the industries best?

If you have followed Hammer’s career, then you’re probably familiar with his breakout role in The Social Network. It’s been his defining role during his short career. Hammer played both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in the film and did so quite well. And ever since the success of Social Network, Hammer has been doing a good job of keeping in the spotlight.

There have been many other roles that Hammer has been featured in over the last three years. Some of the more notable performances came from big budget films such as Mirror Mirror, The Man From Uncle, and The Lone Ranger. And while those films didn’t draw well at the box office, they did a good job at showcasing Hammer’s versatility. And it’s his latest film, The Birth of a Nation that will put him over the top.

The Birth of a Nation is a feature film directed by Nate Parker, telling the story of a slave uprising during the Civil War era. It’s been one of the most acclaimed films of 2016, garnering the highest distribution deal for a film in Sundance history. And while nothing can be assumed, many are thinking Hammer could be one of the contenders for a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars.

An Oscar would go a long way in establishing Hammer’s career. Regardless if you win or lose, there is just something glorious about having yourself nominated for an Academy Award that holds such prestige and honor. Many thought Hammer had a shot at Supporting Actor for the Social Network. And even if it was a long shot, it showcased how great of an Actor Hammer could be, and is evidence that he can indeed give one hell of a performance.

While receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actor is in the cards for Hammer, it’s still only a rumor. Regardless of what the fallout from The Birth of a Nation is, Hammer might have opened up the door for more opportunities in Hollywood.

Social Network got him the roles in Lone Ranger and Man From Uncle, so who knows what a potential Academy Award performance from The Birth of a Nation will bring? He’s got some roles on the horizon, but you can expect to see Armie Hammer in more big budget films as time goes on, as filmmakers will no doubt take his Social Network and The Birth of a Nation roles into consideration.

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