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Athena H2 Water Ionizer: Healthy Water, Healthy You!

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“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it’. Lao Tzu. How true!

Water is the elixir of life, no one can exist without it. However, we, humans, have been very cruel to our environment, which has effected all the natural resources— most of all air and water. Which is why we need to use various methods to clean these natural resources which actually were bestowed upon us in their most natural and pure forms.

However, we have done all we could have to contaminate them.

Water— the drink of life. To ensure that the water we drink is pure and does not end up making us sick, we use water purifiers and water ionizers. Athena h2 water ionizer is one of the best amongst the companies that make water ionizers.

So, what’s a water ionizer?

Also, known as alkaline ionizer, water ionizer is used as a domestic appliance. It is supposed to increase the pH level of the drinking water. This is done through electrolysis that splits the water into acidic and alkaline constituents. It is believed, though there is no empirical evidence, that there are innumerable health benefits of drinking ionized water and that ionized and alkaline water protect the human body from many diseases.

Athena h2 water ionizer

Athena alkaline water & ionizer was launched in USA in the year 2002. It is accredited with Better Business Bureau. It provides safe and healthy drinking water that is ionized, alkaline and lead free. The ionizer also removes arsenic and thus the water that is drunk from Athena water machine is 99.9% free of any harmful contaminants. What’s great about this machine is that it has been tested by US EPA and NELAP, which is a certified and independent laboratory.

As for chemicals, the water is 100% chemical free. So when you drink it, you needn’t worry about ingesting millions of impurities and chemicals.

More about the product

It is important to know that the ionizing chamber, which is the most important part of the machine is manufactured in Japan. Athena works with Japanese companies that manufacture their own ionizing chambers, it does not work with companies that assemble parts to make the chamber. AlkaViva is a well- known American brand that has built its reputation based on its quality and pricing.

Thus, AlkaViva is a brand name that is popular for its competitive pricing, superior technology and constant up gradations. The company uses mesh technology and the DARC cleaning system, which is one of the newest and best technology.

Quick delivery and great after service

Together with all the above advantages, AlkaViva believe in quick and easy delivery. The moment you place the order, your order shall be shipped latest by the next working day. The company’s warehouses in USA and Canada are known for their prompt deliveries. For any contingency, the company has a whole team that caters to and and every query and problem solution. To give its new customers the satisfaction of knowing the previous work done, the company openly share their client reviews and feedbacks.

Why Athena?

A 16 year old company means adequate years of experience. The company imports its ionizers from the best in the industry. IonLife happens to be the retail partner of AlkaViva. Only ISO9001 certified models will be found in the company.

Aren’t these reasons enough to make Athena the most sort after water ionizing brand? Wouldn’t you want to drink water that spells health and hygiene? Well, if your answer is in yes, then Athena is your water partner.

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