Pushed by a passion for helping others succeed, Athena Severi has spent more than five years building organizations that help Amazon sellers grow their businesses, via the Titan Network.

The first was China Magic, which is the top sourcing trip for Amazon sellers. More than 500 sellers have taken the trip to connect with suppliers in China, find better products, and learn more about the business.

But China Magic is only a 12-day event, and e-commerce sellers wanted similar support on an ongoing basis. Severi and business partner Dan Ashburn wanted to find another way to empower Amazon sellers and help them to break through the noise of outdated information on the internet. So they co-founded Titan Network, a membership organization for elite Amazon sellers.

Titan members receive a host of benefits, from one-on-one coaching to masterclasses to discounts on software and services to help their businesses grow. Titan Network even matches business owners with an accountability group where members hold each other accountable for carrying out their growth plans. (Having an accountability partner increases success rates by up to 95-percent).

In many ways, the best part of the Titan Network is the “network” part, Severi added. And by network, she means a physical network of people at all stages of building their Amazon business who are willing to share what they’ve learned with others. Building a good network can kickstart any e-commerce seller’s growth by helping them avoid pitfalls, find the best resources, and use the best systems to run their business.

Titan Network has built a sourcing network in China that members can order through, and it provides better financing than sellers can get on their own.


A life with Intention

“At Titan, we talk a lot about building a life with intention and about making the day-to-day choices to build whatever kind of world we want,” Severi said. “That includes building opportunities for advancement at every level.”

One place where that focus on intention is evident is at the meetups that Titan Network hosts. At these meetups, Titan members meet with the Titan team to celebrate their successes and build their network face-to-face.

Recently, for instance, Titan hosted an event for members in the United Kingdom. The meetup in London was inspirational, she said.

“People weren’t just networking. They were making friends and encouraging each other, and toasting to the success of one another,” said Severi. “It was so inspiring to see, especially since we had such a diverse group of people all in one room together. Just more proof that anyone can find success in this business. Titan’s push to empower others to build a life of intention has become a real movement that produces incredible results. I’m proud to put my name on this company and our work.”

Many members find “their tribe” of like-minded people through Titan Network, she added.


Setting an Example

Severi has another passion that Titan Network allows her to perform: empowering women. As a result, she serves as both an example of a successful woman and someone who’s in the trenches helping pull other women towards their full potential.

“Sometimes women feel guilty for not having a high-powered career or for not being in the kitchen,” she said. “I want to help them find the confidence to do both.”

Even this deep into the 21st century, women business leaders are pretty rare. The Women Business Collaborative reported that the number of women CEOs was about 8% across public and private companies at the end of 2020. And that number is up from 6% at the end of 2019.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees women as business leaders. Severi was confronted by that fact right after that celebratory meetup in London.

She decided to splurge on a business-class ticket for the trip home, and as she settled into her business-class seat, an airline employee asked her if she was in the right section of the plane. When she responded she was where she was supposed to be, he replied, “Oh, you must be one of the employees,” which could be taken as either cryptic or downright insulting.

Severi called the man out in an Instagram post that begins, “This is what a founder/CEO looks like.” The post goes on: “Just because I am not a middle-aged man with a gut and a suit on doesn’t make me any less of a boss!”

The incident reminded her why what she’s doing is important. “I want to inspire the women who look up to me, and I want to remind my sons not to judge anyone for their looks,” she said. “While I’m reminding myself and my fellow women of our power, it’s also important to raise the next generation of men to know that women belong in business class, and everywhere else too.”


About Athena Severi

Athena Severi is the co-founder of The Titan Network, a membership organization that helps elite Amazon sellers scale their business to greater success. For information about the Titan Network, visit: https://www.titannetwork.com/



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