We all love sportswear that looks great. However, quality activewear is about more than just aesthetics. Comfort and functionality should be the main priority of any sports enthusiast looking to improve their performance on the court or field.

The same goes for safety. Sport has a certain inherent level of danger. When questioned, 71 percent of Brits interviewed said that they consider football to be the most dangerous sport out there with basketball following a close second at 69 percent.

Luckily, the appropriate sportswear and sports shoes can go a long way to preventing muscle soreness, and injury or reinjury. So if you are looking to improve your game, here are a few things to take into account during your next shopping expedition.


More Confidence

We have all heard of the placebo effect and that believing something is half the battle. Well, this goes for clothing too. For instance, studies have shown that wearing the right clothing for the office can have a huge impact on work output.

Whether at the office or on the sports field, looking the part can improve your performance. In addition, knowing that you look good in your sports gear is bound to make you more inclined to actually go out there and exercise.


Better Performance

In 2010, polyurethane swimsuits were banned from professional swimming because they were said to give competitors an unfair edge. The aerodynamics of such swimsuits stands in stark contrast to, say, basketball-style swimming trunks that are bound to create drag, slowing you down in the water.

Away from the water, it is important to exercise in clothes made from breathable material that absorbs sweat, such as cotton. This includes wearing comfortable underwear and other undergarments. Avoid non-breathable materials such as polyester, as they can cause overheating and discomfort.


Injury Prevention

Activewear specifically designed for a particular type of exercise can protect you from accidental injuries or reinjuries. For example, you should always opt for sports shoes designed for your particular type of sport—don’t wear shoes designed for running when playing tennis and vice versa. Furthermore, good sports shoes should cushion your feet, and prevent blisters and cramps.

In addition, the right exercise clothing can stop you from getting overly hot or cold during workouts, preventing colds and flu. In addition, staying at the right temperature means extra comfort, which in turn means that you will probably end up exercising those 10 to 15 minutes longer.


Freedom of Movement

Workout clothing that is either too tight or too loose can impede movement and even lead to injury. Wrong fitting attire can also affect your performance. After all, being able to turn, twist and dunk with minimal effort can be crucial to winning that basketball game.

At the same time wearing compression clothing following exercise can actually speed up muscle recovery. This is because gentle compression boosts blood circulation, removing lactic acid from the body and reducing inflammation.






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