When you work out in the gym or at home with an online personal trainer, you will be moving your body in a manner that’s vastly different to when you’re resting. From lunges to squats and even lifting weights – you need to be able to move freely while feeling supported at the same time within the clothes that you wear.

Wearing the wrong clothes to the gym is not about looks alone. Rather, it could impede your workout not to mention pose a hazard to your safety. That’s why it’s important to choose the correct pieces.

Here’s our guide on what to wear to workout in to tell you more.


What Not To Wear

A good place to start is to rule out what not to wear to the gym. The exact details will differ depending on whether you’re male or female. However, these are some of the main points to take into account:


  • Cotton clothing
  • Baggy clothing
  • Restrictive clothing
  • Jeans
  • Jewellery
  • Regular bras
  • Worn out trainers
  • Makeup

Some of these are going to be obvious, whereas others may come as a surprise. Taking cotton clothing as an example, it doesn’t absorb sweat very well. So before you know it, you have sweat patches everywhere plus it will release the odours into the air quickly too. Instead, switch up your cotton for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, which are much better suited to the demands of a sweaty spin session.

When it comes to the clothing fit, if your clothes are too tight then they will restrict your movement. In some cases, it could even cause circulation issues especially as when you exercise, your blood needs to pump faster around your body. Likewise, baggy clothing could get caught in the equipment leading to a nasty accident so should be avoided.

Regardless of your gender, your clothes should be supportive which includes your underwear. This will help you avoid pains and sprains. Extend this mantra to your feet, as trainers wear down over time meaning they longer offer shock-absorbing qualities.


What To Wear

It’s always good to invest in good quality workout gear, ideally spanning several pairs of tops and bottoms so that they can be washed after each use. The exact brand doesn’t matter, in fact, many sports brands will charge for the name alone, rather than the quality. So, take the time to do your research.

Be sure to try the clothes on wherever possible, so that you can check how they fit. Perform stretches and movements you’d do in the gym, and see if the clothes feel too tight or are baggy. If the clothes allow you to move freely and aren’t restrictive, then they are suitable for your workout.

Complete your look with a decent pair of trainers that are suited to the type of workout you do most. Accessories such as a sweatband, warm outerwear and a belt for storing your essentials are highly recommended too.


To Sum Up

While it’s easy to focus on finding a personal trainer or a gym, be sure to pay attention to your actual workout attire too. When you find the right clothing, it can help you perform moves to the best of your ability. Plus, it can be a huge confidence boost when you know your clothes fit you correctly and therefore look the part


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