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6 Surprising Fitness Tips That Can Make You Healthier

You may be working out for a few months but haven't succeeded much as far as weight loss goals are concerned. Well, that may be because you are not going the right way or maybe you are just lagging behind in your workout. Here are a few surprising fitness tips that help you shed more pounds, thereby, helping you reach your fitness goals. Burn fat, do not sweat it Sweat
Tips to make your body stronger after working out
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Tips to make your body stronger after working out

Many of us have worked hard for several months to develop a workout routine, and we surely deserve a pat on the back. We warm-up and engage our entire body to get the most out of workout, whether it’s on a vibration platform machine or a chest press. But when the exercise is over, we immediately chug down some water, clean up and head back home. What many of us
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5 Workout and Nutrition Commandments for Beginners

If you’ve finally made the conscious decision to make fitness and healthy eating a part of your lifestyle, then kudos to you, this is one of the best decisions of your life, and soon enough, it’s going to become an inextricable part of your routine. Fitness is addictive, and health is liberating and empowering, but before you start calling yourself a fitness enthusiast and start posting gym pics on your
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5 Best Ways to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

It happens very often - we are all pumped up to join a gym and start our workout sessions but, all of a sudden, our motivation drops and we cannot even think about getting out of the house in order to work out. Sometimes, we might even force ourselves to go to the gym, but then we find ourselves walking around and doing practically nothing but wasting our time. What
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Health and Fitness: Post Workout Regime? Do You Have One!

It’s always the same when you want to get in shape: you focus on the workout. For obvious reasons, your exercise regime seems like the most important feature to help you reach your goal. And, to an extent, it is up there as being extremely vital. However, it isn’t the only factor that you need to consider if you’re going to crush it from a health and fitness standpoint. Anyone
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Lifestyle: Nurse Your Health, Fitness and Wallet

Saying you want to start working out and getting into shape is the easiest part of a fitness regime. Actually doing it is a lot harder. Usually, the first the people do when they make a commitment to exercise is check out offers at their local gym. But even if the price is reasonable, it soon becomes money down the drain if you don’t go more than once a week.
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Out of Shape? Starting a New Exercise Regimen

By Mike John Your last visit with the doctor was not a pleasant experience. Along with gaining a few more pounds, the physician is concerned about your higher bad cholesterol levels and the lower good cholesterol reading. The advice is simple and straightforward: make better food choices and get some exercise. Here are some ideas on how to start exercising again and improve the odds of looking forward to it.
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Health & Fitness: How You Can Improve Your Post-Workout Recovery

A workout is hard on your body, which is a good thing because you're trying to push it. But you still need to make sure you give yourself time to rest and recover. When you finish your workout, you might want nothing more than to lie on the floor and not get up for days. However, working on your recovery once you're finished is just as important as the workout
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Health and Fitness: Giving Yourself Grace, And Getting Those Legs On Fire!

I have not worked out on a regular basis since it was mandated in high school. And there was that country line dancing class I took in college (see, this is why student loans are so high. But that is another post for another day). So, when I started Beachbody nineteen days ago, I was really having a hard time pushing through, and even had to take a couple days