After working many years on criminal and personal injury cases, Attorney Camara Mintz is working hard to help more people than ever before. To reach his goal of helping more people, he’s expanding his reach by taking on new cases and sharing his perspective on things like when to reach out to a personal injury lawyer.  

After working as both a prosecutor and law enforcement officer, starting his own criminal defense and personal injury law firm wasn’t too much of a stretch for Mintz. 

What’s your background before pursuing personal injury law? 

Camara Mintz: In college, I majored in criminal justice. After graduating, I spent five years working in law enforcement before going to law school. After law school I worked as a prosecutor in Maryland before co-founding Gracia & Mintz, Attorneys at Law. 

When I’m handling personal injury cases, it’s always my goal to help protect my client’  interests. I’m motivated to do it because many people just aren’t aware of their rights and how to get what’s owed to them when they get injured from someone else’s negligence. 

What makes your law firm unique? 

Camara Mintz: Erick P. Garcia Jr. and I have joined forces to form Gracia & Mintz Attorneys At Law. We’re the only personal injury and criminal defense firm in Prince George’s county owned and operated by two young black men. We’re also both former prosecutors and aggressive trial lawyers, so we’re never afraid of going to trial and making the insurance companies pay what our clients are owed. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients with the goal being to always get the best possible outcome. That will never change. 

Why should someone use an attorney? 

Camara Mintz: Attempting to represent yourself in a personal injury case is never a good idea. Most people have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, and the insurance companies bet on that. They will actively exploit that actually. Insurance companies work hard to avoid paying you what your injury is worth. They do this because it’s part of their business model. They collect our premiums but when one of their insured causes injury, they try to pay out as little as possible. The insurance companies have attorneys willing to fight to make sure they don’t have to pay you what you’re due, you should have an aggressive attorney on your team to fight back.  

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