Now that NBA Finals is over, the question remains about what LeBron James will do this summer? It was clear that the Cleveland Cavaliers had no supporting cast to hang with the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

No true point guard really hurt Cleveland in this series. The inability to control and protect the rim down low also hurt. The inability to sink any open shots, dug themselves deeper in a hole to win. Give the Warriors credit, they made the most of their possessions. They ran the break with ease and rebounded the ball when they needed to. Consistently.

The Warriors exposed it. Attacked it. Won it. Again.

Losing Kyrie Irving was bigger than the experts thought. Kyrie showed while with the Cavs, that he could dribble, penetrate, distribute and hit open shots. The key to defending Steph Curry was to make him play defense, and dribble around him.

Since Kyrie left, the Cavs haven’t had that type of floor general. LeBron James had to play all of that. Playing with a broken hand, and lifting a team on his back was simply too much to ask for, even for the King. Fans continue to bash LeBron and how he handles situations, whether it’s comments to the media, his way with teammates, or simply facial expressions.

Bottom line is, those fans would love for him to wear their teams uniform.

So what’s next? Is it a $205 million dollar extension to stay in Cleveland? Or is it to make around 180 million to bolt to Houston, Philadelphia, or even Los Angeles?

Dan Gilbert has a decision to make. Does he break the bank and eat Luxury taxes? Or will he just let the King walk and rebuild. Chances are, LeBron leaves. He’s owes the city of Cleveland nothing. The fans owe him everything. Through trials and tribulation, this city learned to taste winning.

The reason? LeBron.

The cast of characters Cleveland had to offer were simply not strong enough to hang another banner inside the “Q’s” rafters. Players like George Hill, Kyle Korver, Rodney Hood and so on, and so on, pretty much signified how much trash this roster was carrying.

It’s too bad that the Cavs fans will have to possibly deal with disappointment yet again in years to come.

As for LeBron, his dialogue and his saga continues. I say, he’ll be a Los Angeles Laker. Houston, Philly, fans hope different. A family decision will be the reason where LeBron lands. As far as the role players of the Cavs?

One thing is for certain, they can have the whole summer to look in the mirror and say to themselves, “I Guess I Didn’t Produce On the Biggest Stage Of My Career”. The cliché that states, “You’re Only As Good As Your Tools In The Shed”.

LeBron figured that out real quick.

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