Those that decided to write off The King are pretty much in awe. The TD Garden that was once filled with Celtic Pride is now filled with Cavalier respect. The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics 87-79 in Game 7 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night.

All the nay-sayers can ask about this Cavs team is “how the hell did they win”? Easy answer, LeBron James.

This series has been a tale of two. After “wetting the bed” the first two games of the series, the Cavs found new life headed back to Cleveland. The supporting cast of the Cavs finally showed the world that they are capable of presenting a threat to Boston.

The defense was better, the offensive execution was better, the intangibles were present in games 3 and 4. Tied up 2-2, headed back to Boston, the Cavs had to adjust to their road woes. Game 5 was another egg laid. Boston put a “Bean Town-Beat Down” 96-83.

Back to Cleveland. Game 6 presented a must win for Cleveland. Outcome? LeBron James. The “King” showed up in full force and blew up for 46 Points, 11 Rebs, and 9 assists. Can you dig that? A game 6 win put this epic series tied 3-3.

One problem, back to Boston. The Celtics hadn’t lost all postseason at home. 10-0 to be exact. Pretty much unbeatable at home, the Celtics has to be feeling good. Home cooking, loyal fans. One problem, LeBron James. LeBron leading this Cavaliers squad to the limits is something that was incredible to witness.

A see-saw battle that went deep into the 4th quarter, saw twists and turns. As Boston kept answering, LeBron and the no name Cavs supporting cast, made play, after play, after play. A team that was faced with multiple dilemmas, all season long finally put the critics to sleep. Eastern Conference champions.

A game 7 road win in Boston 87-79, signifies what kind of champion LeBron James already is. A 35 point, 15 Rebound, nine assists night showed the world that LeBron continues to rise to the top when the money is on the line.

A “Jordanish”, “Kobeish”,”Hall Of Famerish” performance is only fitting for the human race to witness.

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